Content Management

How many videos I can add to my channel?

There is no restriction as to how many videos you add on to your channel. We provide unlimited video storage and hosting capabilities on GUDSHO. Upload and monetize all you want without limits.

Can I segregate my channel home page using dynamic row management?

Once you are in the creator mode, under the “my channel” tab, find the row management option. Here you can create as many rows or playlists as you wish and add relevant videos to the same. This way, your subscriber engagement boosts and gives users more similar videos to watch on your channel.

Can I track my overall customers list in GUDHO and export for manual promotions?

All your paid users, be it subscriptions, buy/ rent, bulk purchase, or donations, are listed under the "payments" tab. This customer list can be filtered based on amount, status, email, date, etc and exported in .csv for manual promotions.

How to look at the payment transactions for my channel videos and export it?

Find all the payment transactions that has happened on your channel under the "Payments" tab. Here you can find the list of all paid users, the amount transacted, and the title for which the payment was made, etc. You can also filter out the list based on different criteria and export the same for external marketing and promotions.

Can I see revenue details based on different monetization split up as a creator?

"Overview" under the "Payments" tab lists the revenue received for subscriptions, buy/ rent, bulk purchase, and donation. The monetization split up is displayed here and can be filtered out based on a specific period of time.

How to integrate my channel or videos to my external platform?

Integrate your videos on to external blogs or platforms using the "embed code" option. Copy the code available on the "video info" page and append it on any website of yours to. Similarly, you can also use the "Wordpress Integration" to play a series of videos or the entire content library on external sites.

Can I special screen my content to specific audience or group of people?

Yes, you can privately host and screen premium content to a jury or specific group of attendees by giving them special access.

Can I send customized notification to my audience base?

GUDSHO automatically notifies when a new channel is created. Also, a live countdown starts ticking 24 hrs before the scheduled video date and time.

What kind of notification I will get a channel owner?

As a channel owner, you'll get notified each time a new channel on GUDSHO is created. You will also get notified each time a successful payment transaction happens on your channel.

How to inserts / configure my ads into the video?

"Fetch VAST ads by partnering with the 3rd party ad server of your choice.
1. Under the ""Ad management"" dashboard, create new adds by appending the appropriate ad link (XML URL).
2. Choose the platforms (web, mobile, or both) based on the devices you want viewers to catch your ads on.
3. Set the ad frequency and fix the number of ads that needs to be played at specified intervals. "

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