Analyze Video Performance

What kind of analytics data I can analyze in GUDSHO as a creator?

"Both channel and video analytics can be measured on GUDSHO. The ""Dashboard"" tab gives info about the channel performance, top performing categories, customer activities, social shares, and more. And, under the ""Videos"" section, there is ""Video Analytics"" which gives deeper insights about page impression, plays, watchtime, retention, conversion,etc. "

Can I see realtime data of my subscribers and followers for my channel?

Yes, the analytics data reflected on your dashboards are updated in real time. "Channel analytics" is captured under the "Channel" tab wherein a complete picture of the total followers, subscribers, and visitors are detailed to identify the channel traffic and churn over a period of time.

Will I be able to see unique data' and metrics based on audience behavior?

Reviews, ratings, promos watched, unique plays, social shares, and more are available on the analytics dashboard, thus giving a handful of insights on audience behaviour on the whole.

What set of data's will be I able to see on player analytics?

Player analytics on GUDSHO captures and displays information such as total plays, total watchtime, average watchtime, unique plays, promos played, etc. This gives a concise picture of how each video is performing well and the user engagement rates with your content.

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