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Going virtual has never been this effortless!


Market Your Event

Promote all you want right from your channel. While you meticulously plan the event backstage, we guarantee you the best online presence & reach.

Ready the Live Setup

It is only a matter of minutes before you can go live in front of a large attendee base with quick OBS integration via stream URL & key.

Host & Stream Your Event

Set your live video to sail! Showcase & advocate the best of your brand’s virtual events with 50+ features & tools.

A Unified Platform to Take Your Events Online

We club all the features, tools & technologies for flawless performance of the event from one place.

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Relay 4K Streams

Captivate your viewers & keep them immersed in your live program. Give a brand new appeal to all the virtual/ hybrid events you host with Ultra HD live quality.

Deliver immersive stories, webinars, podcasts, fundraisers & more backed by high-quality live streaming across screens. Let your virtual guests be enriched with a visually stunning experience of your ongoing event.


HLS Player

Bring to life the originality of your ongoing event with visuals that create an impact. Distribute quality streams via the prowess on an powerful HLS video player that is extremely crucial to your engagement.

Adaptive Live

We assure a smooth, seamless broadcast of your live happenings with device & bandwidth-adaptive streaming. Despite fluctuations, your viewers get to watch an uninterrupted live relay.

CDN Support

The event delivery process is optimized with a robust CDN-backed infrastructure. Hence, live latency is reduced to a great extent, improving the overall quality of the streaming, no matter where your audiences are.

Unlimited Guests

Accommodate as many guests as you wish. On GUDSHO, there is no limit to the volume of concurrent attendees that can watch your event. Amp up both engagement & revenue at large without restrictions.

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Automate Digital Event Management

From scheduling your events to driving revenue & tracking results, make the entire production workflow effortless.

  • Schedule the Event

    Take complete advantage of prime times that would peak in engagement. Schedule the event in advance for a specified date & time that is most appealing to your followers.

  • Pre-booking

  • Subscription Management

  • Track Event Analytics

What Events Can be Live Streamed on GUDSHO?

Make good revenue from a wide umbrella of video assets across niches.




Remote Gatherings

Remote Gatherings





Stage Shows

Stage Shows

Live Sports

Live Sports



Religious Services

Religious Services

NGOs & Private Events

NGOs & Private Events

Live Marketing

Live Marketing

Perks of Handling Live Events on GUDSHO

Global Viewership

Break down geographical barriers. Reach viewers across seas by broadcasting live events on a platform built purposefully for video brands & businesses. Gain wider coverage & improve brand visibility from followers worldwide.

Bundle Live Events

From major tournaments to concerts, conferences to lectures, package relevant live events into an on-demand bundle & sell access with the buy/ rent option. This lets viewers catch the goodness of all your pre-recorded events for a flat rate.

Access Control

Exhibit complete freedom over which locations you want to stream your events to. Use the geo-restrict option to whitelist/ blacklist based on your intended audience base & type of live relay. Also host events privately to a jury or exclusive lot.

International Currency

Monetize your events in the currency of your choice. Get past the chaos of conversions & transactional hurdles. GUDSHO supports 40+ currencies for businesses to get directly paid from attendees in the most appropriate denomination.

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