Video Upload & Marketing

What are the different video file formats I can upload in the platform?

Go ahead and upload videos in .MP4, .Mkv, .FLV, .AVI.

Can I add customized category and tags to my videos?

This is probably the foremost and prime thing you’ll be doing as you get ahead with channel creation. Under “My Channel”, you’ll find the option to add tags to your channel. Choose the most appropriate or trending keywords as tags (You can create up to 3 tags that best describe your channel). This helps users discover your channel and content at ease during the search.

Does my video display maturity rating disclaimer in the platform?

Yes, you can display a maturity rating disclaimer for each of your videos. Set the maturity rating as U/ A, Suitable for All. Create a new maturity disclaimer if your video demands one.

Can I add promos to my videos for brand promotions?

You can create a category called "promos" and teasers for your upcoming or existing videos. In case you don't find time or resource to create a promo, GUDSHO automatically generates promos for your content for promotion and to create anticipation among viewers.

Is my backend self -sufficient for Seo optimization?

"The best part about GUDSHO is that you can make your videos and channel as discoverable as possible. Follow the below steps for better search engine rankings. Go to the Video info page Optimize the title, description, and About section Select the right category Add appropriate tags Fill in the metadata (Metatitle, desc, OG title, desc)"

How can I restrict my video for a specific geographic locations?

Under the "my videos" section, choose the video you want to restrict access to based on geography. In the "video info" page, blacklist countries from the drop down. The countries blacklisted will not be able to access that particular content.

How can I release my video for a specific set of  geographic locations?

Under the "my videos" section, choose the video you want to edit the geo-specific access to. In the "video info" page, move on to geo-restriction tab and whitelist the countries your videos ought to be released to. Audiences from whitelisted countries will be able to view your content for free or on payment based on the paywall imposed.

Can I embed my videos from CMS to post in other website to drive traffic?

Yes, you simply have to copy the embed code to be used on blogs, websites, and other sites you want to drive traffic from for a particular video. The embed code for a specific video is found on the "video detail" page.

How can I customize my video validity duration for video access?

"While monetizing your videos via pay-per-view, you can set the validity access while renting them out. The validity period can be extended or shortened in this section. "

Can I schedule a videos or live streaming in GUDSHO?

Yes, you can schedule your upcoming live streams. Click Go Live -> Schedule for later. Here you can set the date and time at which you are going to go live. This will be notified to all the users and a countdown starts ticking 24 hrs before the actual live show.

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