GUDSHO’s Content Management System. Things are Organized.

Administer all things video on fully-featured CMS dashboards.

  • unlim-hosting

    Unlimited Video Hosting

    Leverage GUDSHO's enterprise-grade video hosting to upload, store, transcode, and stream videos of any size and in the most secure form. Deliver videos in a seamless manner with in-built hosting capabilities.

  • managelibrary

    Manage Your Library — the Easy Way

  • endtoend

    End-to-End Metadata Governance

  • adaptivestreaming

    Adaptive Streaming & Transcoding

  • smoothplay

    Smooth Playback Backed by CDN

  • Complete Video Analytics

vms video management system

Video Handling Simplified. Easy Tools & Trackers.

Control the entirety of your video business with smartly built features.


Manage your channel, its settings, customers, videos, payment modes, pricing plans, all under one roof.


Upload videos in a multitude of formats like MP4, MPEG, FLV, AVI, etc & stream seamlessly across screens.


Launch your content at a prime time for increased engagement & traction by scheduling your video in advance.

HD Video

Distribute quality streams straight from your dashboard to viewers with GUDSHO's streaming suite for buffer-free, smooth playback.

Live Video

Use the LIVE option on the CMS to relay live video to your channel subscribers on both web and mobile while monetizing the streams.


Make use of a wide umbrella of revenue-making tools to earn via subscriptions, rent/ buy, bulk video series, donations, & more.


Maximize user traffic to a particular video by appending its embed code on any platform, website, or blog of choice.


Gain 360° access to your channel’s control center of analytics and video performance reports in one place.

Our Exclusive Content Publishing Abilities. CMS Redefined.

Play around your content with new-age features you find nowhere else.

  • media management platform

    Auto-Generated Promos

    Hustling with your video chores? No time to curate promos for your content? We simplify your marketing to-dos by auto generating promo videos that will entice audiences into anticipating your content.

  • video cms system

    Customize Subscriptions

  • video management platform

    Bundle Video Series

  • video cms platform

    Pre-booking Options

  • online content management system

    Special Screening

  • content management system platforms


media management platform

Other Features in Store..

Security & Privacy

Every stream you deliver to your audience is AES-encrypted. Video security is our priority & the CMS is built in such a way as to foster secure hosting, streaming, & sharing.

Video Marketing Toolkit

Take every video straight to your audience. Promote, advertise, and make your content get noticed big time. Share all you want, collect feedback, & drive in traffic to hard earned videos.

Gift a Video

Viewers can now buy & gift your videos to friends & loved ones. Users get to choose whom they wish to gift a video access to by purchasing it for a flat rate from your channel.

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A Holistic Control Center for Your Entire Video Biz.

Take command of what’s yours. Make the most of your channel & content in a swish

Video content management system

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