Master Strategic Decision-Making with Advanced Video Analytics

Capture an overall picture of in-depth video stats that drive meaningful tweaks to your channel & content.

  • gaugechannel

    Gauge Channel Performance

    Improvise and innovate your marketing efforts in a strategic workflow by measuring the visibility of your channel and the number of visits it receives, follower count, and total income earned.

  • trackfollower

    Track Follower Influx

  • engagementstat

    Engagement Stats. In Real-time.

  • identifytopcat

    Identify Top Categories

  • useractivity

    View User Activities

  • graphrevenue

    Graph Your Revenue

video streaming analytics

Tools to Measure & Maximize Video Growth

Steer forward as a progressive video business with deeper cognizance about your channel & content.


Our analytic panels are interactive and grasp every detail accurately. Measure the success of your channel, videos, & transactions on easy yet powerful dashboards.


With easy dropdowns, select the period you want insights for. This helps you forecast or make tweaks based on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly data.


Each video performance metric is chosen to help you with a clear & concise picture of your business. From engagement stats to revenue—everything is covered.

Know Your
Channel Visits

We let you track the volume of visitors to your channel, further narrowing down to closely following the number of unique visitors in a week/ month.

Analytics & Churn

It is paramount to keep a keen eye on your subscriber volume. Follow the dynamics of current subscribers & the ones lost under the “My Channel” analytics.


The engagement & retention rates on the channel analytics panel brings to light the user interactions on your page like unique views, promos played, shares, & hearts received.


The analytics of individual videos can be assessed by searching the video name whose data is required. This comes handy when you want to track a recent addition/ something trendy & sensational.

Live Streaming

We now let you have a glimpse of what’s happening with your live videos. Monitor views, engagement, money made from live streams, and more.

Your Videos’ Activity Timeline. Captured with Precision.

Monitor every detail surrounding every video at play.

  • topranking

    Top Ranking Content

    Our prime dashboard reveals information about top trending videos on your channel. Curate content that resonates with your viewers based on this metric.

  • 360 video analytics

    Page Impression Vs Plays

  • video views analytics


  • video viewability metrics

    Conversion Rate

  • video performance metrics

    Social Shares

  • video content metrics

    Video Revenue

real time video analytics

Other Features in Store..

Data-based Marketing

Marketing is closely reliant on data derived from analytics & that’s how you turn information into results. GUDSHO has incredible marketing tools that let you make data-based promotions.

Secured Analytics

All channel analytics & video performance data is visible only to the channel owner and is highly secure from prying eyes, being accessible only on creator login.

Currency Filters

While gauging your revenue influx, choose the currency of your preference to proceed with knowing the money earned in your appropriate denomination.

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Derive Actionable Insights that Leadto Video Success

Turn the data around your video into brand & revenue progress.

Video Analytics

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