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Publish videos on a dedicated channel with key features to reach more.

Starts at $1515/mo Billed Annually

Includes 10 Hrs Video Duration $15/mo per additional 10 hrs video duration

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    Feature Highlights:

  • ✓  Easy Monetization Options
  • ✓  Unlimited Viewers
  • ✓  Global CDNs
  • ✓  Dedicated Channel
  • ✓  SEO Optimized Video Pages

Most Popular Plan

Stream Plus

Easy-to-use video platform with essential features to enthrall your viewers.

Starts at $7979/mo Billed Annually

Includes 50 Hrs Video Duration $10/mo per additional 10 hrs video duration

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    Everything in Stream, and...

  • ✓  Advanced Monetization Options
  • ✓  Customizable Catalogs
  • ✓  Offline Viewing Options
  • ✓  360° Video Analytics
  • ✓  24/7 Chat & Email Support

Stream Pro

The most powerful podium with advanced video monetization features.

Starts at $159159/mo Billed Annually

Includes 300 Hrs Video Duration $5/mo per additional 10 hrs video duration

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    Everything in Stream Plus, and...

  • ✓  Video Marketing Tools
  • ✓  4K Live Streaming
  • ✓  Platform API & Advanced Integrations
  • ✓  Ads Supported Videos
  • ✓  Dedicated Customer Success Team

Grow with Premium Features Crafted Just for You

Give your videos a worlwide premiere on the most exclusive platform with 100+ features.

Features Stream $15/mo Stream Plus$79/mo Stream Pro$159/mo
Secured Private Screening
Pay Per View
Bulk Video Selling or Renting
Transaction Commission 0% 0% 0%
Best in Class Video CMS
Exclusive Branded Channel
Engaging Video Catalog
Multi-Monetization Model
Global CDN
Community Live Streaming
Series or Course Streaming
Subtitles, Captions & Multi Audio
Promos and Extras for Traffic Acquisition
Scheduled Video Release
Meta Data Upload
Mini Web and Video Player
TV Casting
Offline Viewing
Customisable Embed Player
Easy Auto Cut Thumbnail
Geo Location Restriction
Video Meta Data Management
Comments Management
Custom Maturity Rating
Customizable Video Category
Instant Video Blocking
Security and Protection
HLS Video Encryption
SSL Certifications
Full Data Ownership
OTP Authentication
Single Sign On (SSO) Login
Screen Recording Protection
Actionable Analytics
Video Ranking and Performance
Page Views
Video Plays
Watch Time (Total & Average)
User Retention Rate
User Conversion Rate
Unique Plays
Promo Video Performance
User Transaction Data
Channel Performance Analytics
Marketing Features
Email, In-app and Push Notifications & Reminder Alerts
100% Google Search Friendly Pages
100% Video Search Compatible
Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Compatible Promos
Custom Call-to-Action (CTA)
Custom Link Annotations
Custom Video Recommendations
Player Timestamps With Bubbles
Zapier Integrations
WordPress Integrations
Platform API
Wix Integrations
24x7 Email Support
24x7 Chat Support
24x7 Phone Support
1–on–1 Onboarding Calls
Dedicated customer success team
99.99% uptime SLA
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Select your mode of monetization:

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frequently asked questions

  1. What are the different ways to monetize my content?

    On GUDSHO, you can monetize premium videos via subscriptions, ads, pay-per-view, bulk purchase, and accept donations.

  2. Can I set up pay-per-view for specific videos?

    Yes, you can set pricing for individual videos using the pay-per-view option based on revenue requirements and business goals in the currency of your choice.

  3. What payment methods are supported for viewer transactions?

    Viewers can pay for your videos through flexible options like Netbanking, card payments, and UPI transactions secured by Razorpay.

  4. Do I retain complete control over pricing and monetization options?

    Yes, you can set the pricing and monetize all you want. GUDSHO doesn't dictate or restrict you in any way about how you want to earn from your video content.

  5. Can I receive donations from my audience?

    Ofcourse, let your audience shower all the love via monetary donations to support your passion and video business growth without limits on pre-recorded and live streams.

  6. How soon can I start earning from my videos after setting up monetization?

    Start earning from day #1 after your channel is verified and you've set your monetization. We have no restrictions and hard rules on when you can earn.

  1. How easy is it to upload and organize videos on this platform?

    It is only a matter of minutes before you can create a channel and upload videos on GUDSHO. Our team will guide you through the entire process in quick steps.

  2. Can I customize my video library or channel with branding?

    Yes, brand your channel and video catalog to expand reach. Create new categories and establish your brand wherever possible.

  3. Can I block or restrict specific videos based on geographic location?

    With whitelisting and blacklisting options, you can allow/ block countries you want to stream to.

  4. What options do I have to manage comments on my videos?

    Creators can turn on/ off the comments, reply, and manage replies easily from their dashboard and engage better than ever directly with audiences.

  5. Is there support for bulk video uploads and metadata editing?

    Yes, we support bulk video uploads based on the plan you choose. The option to update metadata and other SEO optimization is available, irrespective of the plan you choose.

  1. How do I initiate a live stream on this platform?

    Click Add Video → Live video on the top right corner of your channel. Download OBS, get the RTMP URL and stream key to kickstart live streaming.

  2. Can I schedule live streams for a later time?

    Yes, you can schedule live streams for a later time for viral engagement from viewers or based on time zones you wish to target.

  3. Are there limitations on the duration of live streams?

    No, there is ideally no limitation on the duration of live streams. Go ahead and connect with your audience with your real-time presence as long as you wish.

  4. Can I monetize my live streams through pay-per-view?

    Price your live streams based on pay-per-view or raise donations from attendees with quick, easy options.

  5. Are there analytics available for live-stream performances?

    Get deeper insights on all your live streams, attendees, and engagement with live stream analytics on your GUDSHO channel.

  1. How are videos encrypted to ensure security?

    Every video stream is end-to-end AES encrypted and hence, there is no intrusion from external threats of any kind.

  2. Can I restrict certain regions from accessing my content?

    Yes, with the geo-blocking option, you can restrict specific regions from accessing your content.

  3. Are there protections against screen recording or downloads?

    Yes, there is “screenshot protection” to keep piracy and data theft at bay. Similarly, offline videos can be viewed only on GUDSHO and cannot be downloaded to personal devices.

  4. How secure are transactions and viewer data for my channel?

    GUDSHO is protected by 3-layer security and SSL certificates that keeps user transactions and viewer data secure from online piracy and data thefts.

  5. How often are security protocols updated and reviewed?

    We strictly enforce security protocols on all levels of the platform and keep it reviewed and updated by experts who are on-watch 24*7.

  1. How can I track the engagement of viewers with my content?

    With our 360° video analytics, the watchtime, conversion rate, social shares, revenue, etc can be determined easily for meaningful decision making.

  2. Can I access analytics for individual videos or my entire channel?

    Yes, you can access analytics for both individual videos and your entire channel in two different dashboards with intelligent metrics.

  3. Are there recommendations or insights provided based on analytics?

    Derive clear insights from your analytics via easily digestible graphs that depict where you can improve to perform better.

  4. Can I export analytics data for further analysis or reporting?

    Ofcourse, you can. Each piece of information is super valuable and you can export the same to level up your video biz.

  5. Are there any costs associated with accessing detailed analytics?

    No, there aren’t costs associated with accessing your analytics. We make it available across plans.

  1. How can I utilize email, in-app, or push notifications for marketing?

    Easily access tools like email, in-app/ push notifications, etc right from your channel to market your upcoming events and videos to audiences.

  2. Are the pages and videos on this platform optimized for Google search?

    We love to make your video content go viral. GUDSHO, as a platform, is well-optimized for Google search and we provide every option like metadata updation with which you can rank great on search engines.

  3. Can I embed the player with customization on external websites?

    Yes, with the embed code, you can pull and play your GUDSHO videos on external websites and blogs you own.

  4. Can I track the performance of different marketing strategies?

    Browse your analytics dashboards to measure the results of your marketing strategies and how they impact your video and channel revenue and growth.

  5. How user-friendly are these marketing features for beginners?

    We at GUDSHO offer ready-to-use templates and quick options for newsletters, email, push notifications, and more marketing options for both beginners and enterprises to acquire, convert, and retain users at ease.

  1. How extensive are the platform's APIs for custom integrations?

    Our platform API is easy to deploy and covers a wide range of functionalities including upload/ edit videos, optimize metadata, analytics, embedding and more can be integrated and managed across web, Android, iOS, and more.

  2. What benefits come with integration capabilities?

    With our platform API integrations, you can easily append your channel across any platform, pull and play videos and drive audiences for more user traction, engagement, and revenue.

  3. Is there a process to add custom integrations not listed?

    Yes, we continually tweak for the best user experience and build functionalities that will benefit creators and video businesses. Talk to us for more personalized offerings.

  4. Are there any limitations on the number of integrations I can add?

    No, we don’t place any limitations on the number of integrations, provided you choose a plan that supports API integrations.

  5. Can I receive support for troubleshooting integration issues?

    Ofcourse, we are here every step of the way. For all the tech support you need with troubleshooting integration issues, our experts are just a call away.

  1. What does the onboarding process involve?

    Our customer success team will guide you through the entire onboarding process in quick steps with 24*7 on-call support. All you have to do is own premium video content and you’re all set to go.

  2. Are there any knowledge bases available for self-help?

    Please refer to our Help Center for all queries related to setting up your channel, publishing videos or monetization.

  3. Is there 24/7 support available through email?

    We never make you wait. Our team is available round-the-clock and will reply to your email queries with the shortest turnaround time.

  4. Can I get instant chat support at any time?

    Connect with our experts 24*7 for support on chat. With us, getting your video journey started is a breezy process.

  5. What is the general email ID to contact if I need assistance?

    Write to us at help@gudsho.com for any and every query you have in mind about GUDSHO.

Done! Signed out Successfully