Piracy-free Video Streaming. Advanced Protection. No Illegal Access.

Store & share from a fortified platform that secures your content from threats of any kind.

  • limitlessvideo

    24/7 Privacy Check

    GUDSHO is built and kept an eye on round-the-clock from digital thefts or piracy of any sort. Every step of your video journey is fortified on a fully secure online platform tailored with features that protect the integrity of your assets.

  • transcoding

    Secure Cloud Storage

  • cloudhosting

    Access Control

  • accesscontrol

    AES-Encrypted Streams

  • videodelivery

    No 3rd Party Injections

  • hostliverelay

    Screenshot Prevention

drm solutions

Online Video Security Measures & Control Tools.
End-to-End Content Privacy Covered.

Integrated with a comprehensive security framework, your content is safe & sound in every step of the way.


Upload videos of any size, no matter large or small, on your own channel in a multitude of formats like MP4, MPEG, FLV, AVI, etc.


User authentication is taken care of with a password protected/ OTP-verified login protocol so there is no platform abuse.


With our SSO, video businesses & users can login with simply one set of credentials that you’ve used to log into gmail or Facebook.


Every interaction between GUDSHO servers & end-user browsers is private & encrypted via encrypted SSL/ TLS protocols.


To shield the videos-in-transit from man-in-the-middle or similar attacks, all streams are delivered on HTTPS.


With a web application firewall, any malicious occurrences on the platform is blocked, restricting data breach of any kind.


While protecting against unauthorized access, our ironclad paywall lets you monetize videos that allows only paid users to access premium content.


Make videos available only to the intended audience, masking geographies that do not fall under your target market.

Keep Your Video & Brand Integrity Intact.

A future-proof hosting, streaming, & monetizing infrastructure to level up your business on all fronts.

  • custombrand

    Encrypted CDN Delivery

    Interceptions of any sort are eliminated with an ultra-secure CDN delivery in partnership with Akamai. All your videos are CDN-backed and encrypted, ensuring secure content distribution to authenticated users.

  • flexvideoembed

    Player-Level Security

  • premiumscreen

    Secure Embed & Play

  • revenue

    Mobile Offline Playback

  • paywalls

    Fortified User Transactions

secure video streaming

Other Features in Store..

URL Tokenization

Every user request to play a video is verified for authenticity, expiration, & more to securely grant permission for playback in the viewer browser.

Time-Limited Access

Make your videos being accessed based on the expiration fixed in subscription plans or rental windows, keeping them more secure from getting cloned.

Secure Updates & Patching

We are keen on constantly updating our security measures & patching as & when required with regular security audits against vulnerabilities.

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Online Video
Security Sorted.

Unparalleled content security for all your video assets in storage & transit.

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