Set Pricing & Monetize Videos

Different third party payment gateways integrated for payment transaction in platform.

Indian viewers will be automatically directed to RazorPay while making payments on your channel. Users from other countries can buy video access via Stripe, a secured 3rd party payment gateway.

Does platform have donate option for creator?

Yes, every video has a "support" option which when enabled, lets followers donate monetary funds to the growth of the channel owner.

Can I earn revenue through ads?

GUDSHO does allow video monetization through ads. Channel owners are provided with an "Ad management" dashboard on which an XML URL from 3rd party ad servers can be integrated. This will allow you to run ads on your videos at specified frequencies.

What type of ads can I add for revenue generation?

As a channel owner, run VAST ads. Partner with a 3rd party ad server and rollout in-stream ads on all your videos that are part of your channel. Set how frequently ads have to play on the user's player.

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