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Choose Your Monetization

Set the right monetization model that aligns with your brand, business, and revenue goals.

Curate Plans & Pricing

Fix independent prices for each of your videos or curate flexible subscription plans that users can sign up to.

Host, Market, & Sell Videos

Distribute your valuable content to global audiences, making the monetary best of your videos at scale.

Step up the Game. Top Monetization Models for Every Video Biz.

All you need with stellar video monetization is right here! 5 different monetization options under 1 roof.

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Earn a sustainable recurring revenue month-on-month while fostering a loyal community of viewers who love paying for your content archive.

Create different pricing plans for access to your entire video library. Get paid with automated billing cycles for consistent revenue growth. Offer exclusive perks to subscribers & retain them for long-term growth.

Subscription Video-On-Demand

Customize Plans

Easily manage different subscription plans that align with your video offerings. Curate monthly/ annual subscriptions or curate customized cycles based on how you want to bill users.

Set Currency

Once you’ve drafted subscription plans of your choice, pick the currency you want to monetize in. We offer over 40+ currency choices you can pick from for earning via subscriptions.

Offer Discounts

Attracting and retaining your viewer base is now effortless. Slash prices from your subscription rates as benefits for signing up to annual plans and more — a quick way to upsell as well.

Track Subscribers

Keep an account of the subscribers gained or lost during a particular period of time from the “channel analytics” tab. Also manage user transactions and export your subscriber list for marketing purposes.

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Go Big on Revenue. Features that Power Premium Monetization.

Foster a steady surge in video income backed by tools and capabilities for the GenZ video businesses.

  • Monetize Live Events

    You can now earn from your live events as well. Offer subscriptions that clubs access to live streams or ticket each live relay for a flat one-time rate.

  • Control Access Privileges

  • Offline Mobile Downloads

  • Track User Transactions

What Kind of Content Can be Monetized on GUDSHO?

Make good revenue from a wide umbrella of video assets across niches.


Entertainment Videos

Entertainment Videos

Educational & Informational

Educational & Informational

Vlogs & Lifestyle Videos

Vlogs & Lifestyle Videos

Tutorials & how-to Videos

Tutorials & how-to Videos

Marketing Videos & Ads

Marketing Videos & Ads

Religious Services

Religious Services

Film Festivals

Film Festivals

Influencer Videos

Influencer Videos

Youtube Videos

Youtube Videos

Sports Events

Sports Events

Monetize Beyond Boundaries. Accept Global Payments.

Integrated Video Paywall

Place your premium content behind a fortified paywall that allows viewing access only on payment. Charge users with appropriateness with seamless access grant and viewability on successful transactions.

Secure Payment Gateway

We make sure you as a video business protect the integrity of your customer data by fortifying sensitive credit card information and other user transactional details in an intercepted format via a fail-proof payment gateway.

Global Payment Processing

GUDSHO’s unified Stripe payment gateway facilitates secure and low-cost cross-border transactions, hence maximizing revenue for video businesses via seamless global online payment processing.

International Currencies

On your channel, you are free to directly accept payments from over 40 countries, helping you grow income as a brand. Ideally, no matter where your business is, the platform supports every revenue goal.

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