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How can I go live and start live streaming in GUDSHO?

"Go live on GUDSHO in quick, easy steps.
1. Under the “Add Video” on your channel, click on “Go-Live” and fill in the required details
2. Click on “Start Stream“, which you’ll see on the right side
3. You can “Go live now” or “schedule date & time”.
4. You’ll now receive a unique Stream URL and Stream Key
5. Download OBS on your computer, use the URL & Key
6. Get started with live streaming "

What is the total capacity of my live audience?

We don't restrict on the number of attendees of virtual guests your live stream can have. A viewer base of any size can catch your live concurrently without limits/

Can I record my live streaming event and monetize it?

Yes, you can record all your live streams and make it available on demand. Recorded live videos can be monetized via subscriptions, pay-per-view, and more.

What are the different monetization models I can add it to live streaming for revenue generation?

Live streams can be included as part of a subscription plan or priced separately for a one-time fee. There is also an option to revenue from live streams where attendees can donate to support your work.

Are there minimum eligibility requirements before I can kickstart monetizing?

"Ideally, the only requirement is that you should be a premium video content owner with quality content that is original or a licensed derivative. There are no limitations on the number of videos you hold or followers you have. We are very light on monetization rules and hence, you can go ahead and start monetizing all your videos without limitations from across niches.""
In short,
1. Be exclusive, don’t use copy content
2. Publish sellable videos
3. Monetize all you want

Can I monetize my existing YouTube videos?

Of course, you can! In fact, we encourage YouTubers to monetize their already published content, provided it is paywalled or premium on YouTube. Also, you can consider GUDSHO the best YouTube alternative as we don’t have monetization restrictions as such; you can get paid directly from the users.

How many currency can a creator can set on GUDSHO?

GUDSHO allows channel owners to select any global currency they want to monetize in. They can set both primary and secondary currency under the “Payments tab” and the users will be charged accordingly.

Can channel creator set any type of currency in the globe?

Channel owners on GUDSHO can set currency from over 40+ countries around the world. Both primary and secondary currencies can be set for monetization on the channel.

Can I add discounts in my videos, subscriptions, bulk purchase plans?

Yes, you can slash prices for all your subscription and bulk purchase plans by adding discounts to the original pricing in the "video info -> monetization" section of any particular video.

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