Discover monetization models that work for your videos

Before selecting the ideal monetization model, let's explore the opportunities video-driven brands and creators can leverage based on their specific needs.


Loyal fans pay an upfront fee, whether monthly or annual, to your exclusive video library. Earn a stable income and increase it all along.


Rent out individual videos, giving viewers choice and flexibility. Like buying movie tickets online, for your collection of videos!


Earn money from ads displayed before, during, or after your videos. Like, commercials funding your creative freedom!

Bulk Purchase

Offer discounted bundles of your videos, rewarding fans and boosting sales in bulk. Box sets for your video collection to increase purchases.

Live Streams

Connect with fans in real-time, charging for access or accepting live donations. Stream a concert or webinar, directly from your studio!

Donation & Tips

Let fans directly support your work with voluntary contributions. Show your appreciation with exclusive perks for generous subscribers.

Effective revenue models to price your videos

Each monetization model serves different purposes. To choose the right one, consider your specific needs and goals carefully.


(Subscription Video on Demand)

See a steady income stream! Offer your audience exclusive content with subscriptions and watch your fanbase grow.

Predictable income each month, fostering financial stability.

Connect directly with subscribers, understanding their preferences.

Try new formats and ideas with a dedicated audience.

Reach a wider audience without individual sales efforts.

Project future income based on subscriber trends.


Who Can Choose SVOD?


Video Centric Brands


Film Production Houses


Fitness Trainers


EduTech Businesses


Music Labels


Ad Agencies


(Transactional Video on Demand)

Sell your content directly to your fans! With TVOD, you earn revenue on a per-view basis, no strings attached.

Set the value for each video, maximizing income per piece.

Offer a variety of video types to cater to different tastes.

Capture viewers interested in specific content, driving sales.

Adjust pricing based on content value and audience demand.

Generate immediate income upon each purchase.


Who Can Choose TVOD?


Indie Filmmakers


Event Broadcasters


Webinars & Workshops


Education Platforms


Limited Release Series


Motivational Speakers


(Ad-Supported Video on Demand)

Monetize your content without gatekeeping! AVOD lets creators reach a wider audience while earning ad revenue.

Earn even while creating, maximizing your time and effort.

Attract viewers who may not pay for individual videos.

Collaborate with relevant brands for additional income.

Make your content easily accessible to viewers.

Bring in more subscribers as watching is free.


Who Can Choose AVOD?


Ad Agencies


Media Companies


Kids Content


Gaming Channels




News & TV

Bulk Purchases For Creators & Brands

Make Subscribers Buy More

Empower your fans to support you in bulk! Offer multiple video purchases for your audience to invest in your content.

Convert existing fans into higher-value customers.

Sell multiple videos at once and gain an increase in sales.

Encourage fans to value your video library as a whole.

Create attractive bundles for gifting to other fans.

Estimate bulk purchase revenue based on fan behavior.


Who Can Choose Bulk Purchase?


Content Distributors


Film Productions


Corporate Training


Advertising Corps


Digital Marketing


Education Platforms

Live Stream Monetization

Monetize Your Live Streams

Go live and get paid for your passion! Creators can now turn their live streams into thriving revenue models.

Generate revenue in real-time by pre bookings & sales.

Repurpose live streams again as VOD uploads in channel.

Brand Partnerships: Collaborate with brands for sponsored live streams.

Reach a global audience simultaneously without travel limitations.

Start live streaming in seconds without any stutters.


Who Can Choose Live Streams?


Event Planners


Gaming Streamers




Performers & Podcasters


Standup Comedians


Tech Reviewers

Donations & Tips

Get What Your Deserve

With donation and tip options, creators can receive support and appreciation from their loyal audience across the world.

Feel the appreciation of your audience through their contributions.

Supplement your income and pursue passions without hassles.

Understand what resonates with the audience and craft content.

Accept contributions of any amount, making support accessible.

Create with the knowledge that your work directly impacts.


Who Can Choose Donations & Tips?


Independent Artists


Online Tutors


Podcaster & Vloggers




Mental Health Apps


Publications & News

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frequently asked questions

  1. How does the SVOD subscription work on GUDSHO?

    GUDSHO's SVOD subscription grants creators access to all the features available to leverage their content for audiences across the world.

  2. Are there different subscription plans available for SVOD?

    Yes, GUDSHO offers various SVOD subscription plans tailored to creators' needs, providing flexibility in content offerings and revenue potential.

  3. Can I switch between SVOD plans?

    Yes, creators on GUDSHO can easily switch between SVOD plans based on their evolving content strategy and audience preferences, ensuring optimal monetization opportunities.

  4. Is there a free trial available for SVOD?

    Yes, GUDSHO offers a free trial period for its SVOD subscription, allowing creators to experience the platform's benefits before committing to a plan.

  5. How can I cancel my SVOD subscription?

    Creators can cancel their SVOD subscription on GUDSHO easily through the platform's settings, ensuring hassle-free management of their content monetization strategy.

  1. What is the difference between TVOD and SVOD on GUDSHO?

    TVOD allows viewers to purchase individual videos for one-time access, while SVOD offers unlimited access to all content for a recurring fee.

  2. How long do I have access to content purchased through TVOD?

    After purchase, TVOD content remains accessible indefinitely, allowing viewers to watch it at their convenience without any time constraints.

  3. Are there discounts available for multiple TVOD purchases?

    Yes, GUDSHO may offer discounts or promotional offers for multiple TVOD purchases, providing cost savings for viewers who wish to buy several videos.

  4. Can viewers download TVOD content for offline viewing?

    Yes, GUDSHO allows viewers to download purchased TVOD content for offline viewing, enabling them to enjoy videos without an internet connection at their convenience.

  5. What payment methods are accepted for TVOD purchases?

    GUDSHO accepts various payment methods for TVOD purchases, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and other secure online payment options, ensuring convenient transactions for viewers.

  1. How does AVOD work on GUDSHO?

    AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand) on GUDSHO allows viewers to watch content for free with intermittent ads. Creators earn revenue through ad impressions, ensuring sustainable income while offering free content to viewers.

  2. Are the ads personalized on GUDSHO's AVOD platform?

    Yes, GUDSHO's AVOD model utilizes personalized advertising to deliver relevant ads crafted to viewers' interests and demographics, enhancing the viewing experience and ad effectiveness.

  3. Can I skip ads while using AVOD?

    While viewers cannot skip ads on GUDSHO's AVOD model, the ad duration is typically kept short to minimize disruption to the viewing experience.

  4. How frequently will ads appear during AVOD content?

    Ad frequency varies depending on the content and viewing duration. GUDSHO strives to maintain a balance between ad revenue generation and viewer satisfaction, ensuring a positive viewing experience.

  5. Is AVOD available for all content on GUDSHO?

    AVOD is available for select content on GUDSHO, offering creators the flexibility to choose between different monetization models based on their content strategy and audience preferences.

  1. What is the Bulk Purchase model on GUDSHO?

    The Bulk Purchase model allows subscribers to buy multiple video packages at once, offering cost savings and convenience for purchasing large volumes of content in bulk.

  2. Can Bulk Purchase options be customized for specific content genres?

    Yes, GUDSHO offers customization options for Bulk Video Purchase packages, allowing organizations to select content genres relevant to their needs and interests.

  3. How are access codes or credentials distributed for Bulk Purchases?

    Access codes or credentials for Bulk Purchases are typically distributed via email or a secure online portal, ensuring convenient access for authorized users.

  4. Are there limitations on the number of views for BULK Purchase content?

    Generally, Bulk Purchase content has limited views set up by the uploader, allowing users to share the content with multiple users without restrictions on the number of views.

  5. Can Bulk Purchase options be shared with individual users within an organization?

    Yes, Bulk Purchase options can be shared with individual users within an organization, enabling seamless access to the purchased content for all authorized users.

  1. How can I engage viewers in real-time during live streams on GUDSHO?

    GUDSHO provides interactive features like live chat and audience polls to engage viewers during live streams, building real-time communication and connection with the audience.

  2. Can I generate revenue through live streams on GUDSHO?

    Yes, creators and brands can monetize live streams on GUDSHO through various methods, including pay-per-view, donations, sponsorships, and advertising, providing opportunities for sustainable revenue generation.

  3. What are the subscription options available for live streaming events?

    GUDSHO offers subscription options for viewers to access exclusive live streaming events, providing creators with recurring revenue streams and viewers with premium content experiences.

  4. How does GUDSHO capitalize on engagement for increased revenue?

    GUDSHO leverages viewer engagement during live broadcasts by offering targeted advertising opportunities, sponsorships, and premium content upgrades, maximizing revenue potential for creators and the platform.

  5. Are there opportunities for creators to earn revenue beyond subscriptions?

    Yes, content creators can earn revenue beyond subscriptions during live streams through features like virtual gifting, merchandise sales, ticketed events, and brand partnerships, diversifying income streams and maximizing earnings potential.

  1. How does the Donation or Tip model work on GUDSHO?

    The Donation or Tip model on GUDSHO allows viewers to support creators by contributing money as donations or tips during video playback, providing a direct and voluntary way to show appreciation.

  2. Can I set a specific amount for donation?

    Yes, creators can set specific amounts for donations or tips on GUDSHO, giving viewers the option to contribute according to their preference and budget.

  3. Are there any rewards for users who make donations?

    GUDSHO may offer rewards or incentives for viewers who make donations, such as exclusive content access, badges, or recognition, fostering a sense of appreciation and community engagement.

  4. How are donations processed on GUDSHO's platform?

    Donations are processed securely through GUDSHO's payment system, ensuring safe transactions for both creators and viewers. Viewers can choose their preferred payment method to make donations conveniently.

  5. Are there limits on the frequency or amount of donations I can make?

    Generally, there are no specific limits on the frequency or amount of donations viewers can make on GUDSHO's platform, allowing for flexible and unrestricted support of creators. However, individual creators may set their own donation policies.

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