Account Creation & Channel Settings

Can I sign in with social login?

Yes, you can login on the platform with your FB social login. For signing up, enter the login details of your FB account and proceed to create a GUDSHO account. For the consecutive logins, there is no need to re-enter the credentials.

I’m getting error messaging during sign-up. Help me out?

Downtimes on GUDSHO are an extremely rare occurrence. We recommend you try signing up after a few minutes and if you are facing the same issue, please do reach out to our customer success team and they’ll help you retrieve your access. You can also write your concerns at for the same.

How to create a channel on GUDSHO?

"It’s quick and simple. There’s a create a channel button on the top right corner of the home page. Just click it and sign up if you haven’t already. Give your channel a name and profile image and in a min or two, you are ready to go live on your own channel almost instantly."

Can I create multiple channels from a single account?

No! To ensure exclusivity, avoid duplications and maintain authenticity, currently, you have the option to create only one channel from an account. However, if you own content that belongs to multiple niches or runs diverse businesses, feel free to create different channels that will benefit you.

How to update my country of residence?

On the top right corner of your creator view, click Settings, where you can fill in your billing address (address, city, state, country of residence, etc). Ensure you complete all the channel details and request channel verification to publish your channel live.

How to delete my channel?

"We hate to depart from you. However, if you want assistance deleting your channel and its content from GUDSHO, please write to and we’ll be happy to serve you in the separation process. Please note that you can still keep your account to view and support other creators on the platform."

Why has my channel been suspended?

"We don’t like to suspend a channel's work unless it is something serious. So, kindly understand that we may have terminated a channel because: Your work is an unauthorized derivative of other creators Stolen/ duplicate/ pirated videos Explicit content Doesn’t comply with our guidelines or privacy policy"

How to make my channel private?

"By default, your channel will be set private and is available to be viewable by the audience only when you complete your profile 100% and get it verified & can it be made public. On the “My Channel” tab, find a simple toggle switch that helps you easily make your channel private or public. "

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