Upload, Manage, & Stream Videos On the Go

Easy Channel Setup

Easily create a space of your own to publish videos with simplified channel setup tools. Launch instantly in less than 5 mins on GUDSHO’s readily streamable & monetizable platform built exclusively for creators.

Channel Management

Make use of a holistic dashboard to run your video business in one place. Take complete control of your channel with feature-rich panels that come handy to manage your content and audience without the need to juggle between tabs.

Drag & Drop

Effortlessly publish videos and create a library your viewers would love to engage with. Upload videos in any format from your personal device or thirty party server in quick succession using the drag and drop feature.

Bulk Upload

Creating might be time consuming but uploading needn’t. Upload an entire library of videos in a single click with bulk import options that come handy when you have multiple content-related chores to be taken care of.

Video Schedule

Create a buzz among the audience about the upcoming content with easy scheduling options. Set the exact date and prime time your video ought to go live for viewership to increase engagement in different time zones.

Video Library

Create engaging video libraries, modify, and manage them at ease with the most relevant content, thumbnails, and metada on unified dashboards that clubs everything to organize your offerings and distribute them seamlessly.

Import Export Content

Upload to your channel and ship from your library to your drive at the click of a button. This makes it utterly easy for creators to manage their content without breaking a sweat.

User Management

As an admin to your channel, offer access to users the roles of publisher, or moderator who can help you out with the video publishing or management chores on a wholesome CMS dashboard.


Deliver Immersive Videos via High-Definition Streams

Superfast Streaming with CDN

GUDSHO is backed by power-packed global Content Delivery Networks which facilitates stutter-free streaming with the fastest playback ever for you to offer your audience the best viewing experience.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Distribute high-quality streams to your viewer base with GUDSHO's Adaptive Bitrate-based streaming that assures the most efficient and buffer-free video delivery regardless of the device, screen size, or user bandwidth.

Embed Anywhere

Drive more traffic to your video channel using the embed feature wherein you can pick, place, and play your videos on any page or platform of yours that will fetch more traction, ultimately increasing viewer engagement.

4K Streaming

Give your community a sharper and defined picture quality to catch their favorite content at. Broadcast your creatives the smarter way with 4K streaming that is seamless and keeps your viewers hooked on to your channel.

Screen Across Devices

Present your work anywhere and everywhere! With GUDSHO, your audience have the advantage of catching your content at its best on a web, mobile, laptop, or tablet and across browsers.

Watch History

Offer the most relevant recommendations by keeping a track of the insights from watch history to amp up video engagement organically. With watch history on, your viewers get to go and revisit the content they loved the most.

Watch Lists

Your viewer community easily gets to access, watch, or rewatch videos added to their watchlist. Make user interests and convenience a priority by letting them add their favorites to a watchlist.

Special Screening

Have something exclusive at hand intentended for private screening? Add users whom you want to send a special invite to, enabling them and them alone to capture your dedicated video offerings.


Promote & Popularize Videos with in-Built Marketing

Search Engine Friendly

With effective metadata management on your channel, optimize all the information like images, title, desc, and other details surrounding your videos to improve discoverability and step up rankings in search engines.

Video Sitemaps

GUDSHO helps your content grab more visibility from search engines by automatically creating sitemaps to enhance and speed up crawling of your channel, videos, and other uploads, thus driving more visitors organically.

Social Integrations & Sharing

Make your videos gain a viral reach among GenZ audience by sharing directly on social media platforms. Let your channel and its content multifold in popularity with easy social sharing options.

Reviews & Ratings

Collect viewer feedback straight on your channel by letting your audiences rate and review your content offerings. Understand what works and what doesn't with the viewer base you are targeting.

Multi-Device Support

Widen your viewer base and subscriptions by amplifying video distribution across a wide range of screens. Reaching users on multiple devices boosts engagement and promotes easy video marketing at its finest.

Article Matching

Have high-traffic blogs or articles? Automatically embed videos relevant to your context from your content library dynamically and draw more engagement, ultimately resulting in increased monetization and revenue opportunities.

Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Expand, improvise, or reinvent your marketing efforts based on detailed insights from video performance. Target and offer content based on trends that are gaining more traction than the others in a given time.


Take Home 100% Revenue via Rewarding monetization Features

Subscription VOD

Give your users the access to your whole video library through flexible subscription plans. Acquire predictable recurring revenue on a monthly/ annual basis by means of automated billing cycles.

Transactional VOD

Offer one-time access to your videos for a small fee! Also called pay-per-view, this model can be used to charge users only for the content they consume. Works great with trending content or seasonal shows.


Get hearty fundings from fans who truly love and want to support your work in the form of donations. Grow your passion with the backing of a community you create engaging content for.

International Currencies Accepted

Accept currencies from audiences across 40+ countries. Increase monetization opportunities 5x better by making your content accessible by people from nations with diverse monetary denominations.

Global Payment Processing

Our payment gateway on GUDSHO is a seamless path that makes transactions easier. No matter what international currency you would like to accept, our platform does it seamlessly and doesn’t require 3rd party payment processors.

Secure Transactions

Every payment and the data surrounding it is fortified with utmost security. All user checkouts and card information is sealed and cannot be traced by prying eyes, thus making your channel a video hub viewers trust.


Fortify Your Valuable Video Assets from Piracy

AES Encryption

Keep your content safe from prying eyes! On GUDSHO, all the streams you distribute are AES-encrypted which allows only authenticated users to access your content and stays hidden for illegit users

99.99% Uptime

Get your videos online on a platform that never goes down. GUDSHO is designed with high-performance infrastructure and hence, make the fullest use of your channel, no matter how huge the volume of users are.

Secure Transaction

Ensure every transaction and payment your users make is secure and not prone to data theft. Our fully-protective payment gateway allows you to accept both local and international payments seamlessly without compromising on security.

SSL/TLS Encrypted Paywall

Safeguard the integrity and trustability of your channel by accepting payments via our SSL/ TLS encrypted paywall. By protecting sensitive user information and card details, assure audiences of a reliable channel they can pay on.

Brand Watermarks

Brand your videos and showcase copyrights by means of a watermark. Exhibit complete ownership of your content by adding a static watermark, making it clear that sharing and reusing your video assets is an offense.

Secure Payouts

Transfer funds from your channel’s vault in a safe and secure manner. Cherish the monetary benefits you've accumulated from subscriptions, pay-per-view, and donations by moving them to your bank account in time intervals of your choice.


Gain Min-by-Min Video & Revenue Insights

Channel Report

Pick up details about how your channel is performing on the whole, the increase in visitors, new followers, the interactions, and revenue generated, etc to make things absolutely easy for a creator to track.

Track Gross Revenue

Income projections and computing ROI are key factors to gauge the success of a video channel. Measure overall revenue earned from subscriptions, pay-per-view, and donations in a particular period of time.


This feature comes handy for those monetizing via pay-per-view. As a creator, analyze how much each video has generated in a week/ month. These stats give deeper insights on what people actually love paying for.

Subscriber Lifetime Value

Get to know more about your loyal customer base who have stayed with you over the years. Increase the subscriber lifetime value of your dedicated fan base with slashed rates, seasonal offers, and discounts.

Geography Details

Understanding your target market is a key necessity and GUDSHO lets you collect the best details about the countries your videos the most traffic from so you can make content tweaks based on the region of interest.

Engagement Rates

Discover how engageable your videos are. Check out user interactions, average watchtime, revisits, ratings, reviews, social shares, and more. The more engaging the more monetary value your content holds.

Average Watchtime

Based on the content style and video length, quantify the amount of time a user spends watching your content. On GUDSHO, this detail will help you edit your offerings to minimize bounce rates.

Analyze Social Shares

Social platforms are an increasingly popular medium to get your videos the traction they deserve. Boost engagement and interactions on social media with easy sharing options that comes along each video.

Player Data

Trace which devices your videos were most played on, the number of minutes each video was watched, geographical stats where it was streamed, traffic sources, etc via extensive player data.

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