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Show the world your brand, content & identity.


Seamless Video Hosting & Storage

Upload & securely store videos of any size online; no matter how big or small. Exhibit control over access, audience, and monetization with professional enterprise-grade hosting.


Instant Channel Setup

Get your video library up and going on a dedicated channel setup just for you. Create, brand, and streamline based on business needs, and let it go live instantly in a matter of minutes.


Advanced Video CMS

Keep your content organized and in control. Handle end-to-end video management from centralized cms dashboards. Upload multiple file formats like MP4, MPEG, FLV, AVI, etc.


Live Video Streaming

Give viewers a taste of real-time happenings with low-latency live video. Amp up engagement, slay the crowd, and monetize live streams straight from your channel.


Membership Features

Offer your user community subscriptions for access to exclusive content. Curate plans and pricing; get paid on videos via automated billing cycles on our membership-friendly platform.


5+ Monetization Models

All you need with stellar video monetization is here! We house subscriptions (SVOD), rent/ buy, bulk video series, donations, & more options to make money from premium videos.


HD Video Delivery

Deliver high-quality videos to viewers on a global scale. Leverage an in-built player that distributes immersive & engaging video experience across screens in its best form.


New-age Marketing Toolkit

Get people talking about your content. Unlock the potential of videos on a fully marketable avenue. Social media sharing, SEO tools, embed features, we have it all.


3-Layer Security

Piracy-free streaming is our forte. Host & distribute videos in the most secure platform online. Protect copyrighted content with a domain, platform & player-level security.


360° Analytics

Measure how your channel & content performs on the whole. Track video engagement with potential metrics on a single pane—strategic decisions with advanced analytics.

Run Your Entire Video Biz, at Ease

Super organized. On point. Viewers love it.

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Be Streaming Ready,

Anywhere, Anytime!

Kickstart your video journey with a ready-to-store & stream media suite right from your channel.

Reach audiences across screens. Bring dream viewership to life with immersive 4K video experiences online.

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Turn Your Audience into Business

Money-making from premium content can’t get any better.

  • bus-subscription


    Offer complete access to your library of on-demand videos to be viewed anytime for a flat rate. Sell content based on the user-chosen subscription plan every month.

  • rent-buy

    Rent / Buy

    Monetize on a pay-per-video basis, charging users only for the content they consume. Allow viewers to buy, or rent videos for the appropriate period of access.

  • bulk-video-series

    Bulk Video Series

    Bundle and sell access to an array of videos. Bulk purchase lets viewers buy the whole video series of a particular genre/ artist for a one-time fee.

  • vdonation


    Accept donation/ fan funding online from followers who are readily interested in supporting your passion, work, and your growth as a brand with easy options.

Go Videostatic. It’s as Simple as That.

The math is easy. Bring amazing content - everything else is covered!

  • unlim-hosting

    Unlimited Storage

    Skip worrying about video storage chores & costs. We let you store privately or share abundantly from our best-in-class platform with a robust online hosting prowess.

  • seo-friend

    SEO Friendly

  • social-integ

    Social Media Integration

  • emb-anywhere

    Embed Anywhere

  • host-spl-screen

    Special Screening

  • vouch

    We Vouch for Security

Your Presence!

Succeed along 1000s of video businesses.


Built & Bound for Video Businesses of All Kinds

One intuitive platform for unlimited brands across verticals.


Media Houses

Media Houses

Make the most of the digital content you've acquired or produced. Stream & sell entertainment videos in its best form.


Learning Institutions

Learning Institutions

Tutor & inspire the student community via online educational video courses. Organize, host, and offer virtual lessons on your own branded channel.


Video Marketing Agencies

Video Marketing Agencies

Reach audiences beyond barriers. Market all you want while earning on your brand’s video ads and driving maximum user traffic.


Religious Services

Religious Services

Spread faith & hope to the world. Stream sermons, Christian videos, prayers, & spiritual events of your house of worship or religious institution.


Elite YouTubers

Elite YouTubers

Journey ahead boldly as a premium Youtuber with the potential of a top-notch video platform to stream exclusive content, monetize, and build a loyal followership.



LifeStyle Video

Give your viewers the essence of fashion, trends, modern lifestyle videos, & more on a new-age channel. Get as exclusive as possible.


Sports Events

Sports Events

Deliver a super-dynamic sports experience to viewers at scale. Stream and monetize every game your sports club/ college hosts.


Ad Agencies

Ad Agencies

Bring to light the brand or commercials you want to showcase. No better way to advertise your client's product promotions online than with us.


Film Festivals

Film Festivals

Give your movies a dashing premiere on a platform made for a cinematic digital experience. Also, easily host & monetize film festival submissions.




Got followers on social platforms? It's time you step up as a video brand. Grow as a creator/ influencer to market videos, connect with fans, monetize, & more.


Done! Signed out Successfully