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  • goliveinseconds

    Go Live in Seconds

    We let you kickstart streaming live almost instantly and in a matter of seconds. Simply head over to your channel, click Add Video → Live video & you are all ready to connect with viewers across the globe — all at once.

  • ultralow

    Ultra-Low Latency

  • streamaccross

    4K Streams Across Devices

  • monetizelive

    Monetize Live Events 5+ Ways

  • scheduleopt

    Scheduling Options

  • livesecurity

    Live Security & Privacy

Live Streaming Features of GUDSHO
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Reliable & Innovative Platform For Flawless Live Streaming

Deliver an enterprise-grade live stream experience to your audience with GUDSHO’s advanced features.


Draw attention to your live videos by appending a catchy thumbnail. Get more people engaging, talking & paying for the live relay.


Receive an RTMP (Real-time Messaging Protocol) URL & stream key instantly that can be used on the OBS for flawless live streaming.

Seamless OBS

Easily download OBS (Open Broadcast Software) from your channel, set service as "custom" & enter the URL & key to get started.

HLS Player

Deliver unparalleled visual quality to users with our in-built HLS video player on all your live streams day in & day out.

Control Who Watches
Your Live

Use the geo-restrict option to allow/ limit guests with the whitelist & blacklist options. Manage video access hassle-free.

Record to

Save & convert your live streams into on-demand videos. Make them available in your library that you can even monetize liberally.


Promote live videos with readily available templates that can be personalized & disbursed to followers.



Get the benefit of auto reminders for all your live streams sent across followers at appropriate timings.

Why Choose GUDSHO for Live Streaming?

Host, Promote & Monetize with GUDSHO that is loaded with tailored features to suit your requirements.

  • Host Virtual Corporate Events

    Host Virtual Events

    Take your events to the next level. Host webinars, stage shows, live sports, masterclasses, religious streaming, and more with GUDSHO.

  • Unlimited Attendees for your Live Stream

    Unlimited Attendees

  • Monetize Live Stream

    Monetize Live Streams

  • Live Stream Donations

    Collect Support

  • Bundle-Live-Videos

    Bundle Live Videos

  • Live Streaming Support

    24*7 Production Support

Host Virtual Corporate Events

Other Features in Store..

Live Event Countdown

Our built-in countdown starts ticking 24 hrs leading to the launch of the live program, kindling more buzz & a sense of urgency to catch the video without a miss.

Pre-book Live

This option lets viewers book your event that has been scheduled for a particular date and time. This lets you make good revenue beforehand & gain a picture of the attendee volume.

Collect Support

Going live on GUDSHO is also an amazing way to draw monetary support from followers. For free live videos, donations are a great means to fund your work via direct interaction.

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