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Easy Upload & Streaming

Simple steps to start a channel, upload, stream videos and make money.


Easy Video Management

Stream your fitness videos as a part of an initiative to stay connected with your healthy community.


Easy Monetization tools

Maximize your revenue with ease through online membership package programs or individually monetize every fitness video of yours.

If You Create Fitness Videos, We Help You Best Sell Those

Teach, entertain, grow your fitness community and touch more audiences worldwide.

Fitness Video courses

  • Take fitness classes with short workout videos that can be easily accessed by your members. Broadcast your enlivening content at any point of space & time to anywhere round the globe.

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Make A Global Impact

  • Take your valuable content of interest around the globe and leave a global footprint as a bold representative of your domain. And your diverse audience will appreciate it.

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Multi-model revenue scheme

  • Professional creators deserve the backing of a proper monetization scheme. GudSho enables the models of Pay Per View, Subscription-based that is further configurable as monthly, yearly, basic, premium and so on.

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24/7 Help Desk

  • GudSho provides extended support to all its customers at all times coming from any geographic location. Your video business can be assured of a support system to see it through to success.

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