How GUDSHO Helps Educators Share Content?

Take your courses beyond conventional classroom teaching on a fully online floor supported by brilliant revenue models.

Host Unlimited Video Classes

Unlimited video lessons for your curriculum. Upload and share educational content without limits.

Deliver on an Exclusive Channel

GUDSHO offers an exclusive channel for taking your lessons online. Streamline effortlessly.

Make Education Accessible

Expand knowledge transfer with lessons on web, mobile, and tablet. Students can learn on-the-go.

Shape & Grow as a Brand

Boost your recognition with our platform and reach millions as a renowned online learning institution.

Thrive on Top-Notch EduTech Features

Showcase your skills to the world and have full control over your channel and curriculum.

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Learning Experience Management

Have 360° control over your online video offerings, student enrollment, and revenue gen with an organized approach.

Course Catalogs: Make an educational library with categorized courses and schedule courses to students on specific dates.

Access Control: Complete freedom to decide who can view content, and utilize a variety of privacy controls.

Student Management: Track enrolled students, engagement, monitor payments, and notify students of upcoming classes.


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Remote Teaching & Learning Made Easy

Make remote teaching and learning a breeze for all, bringing the classroom to every learner's screen.

  • Collaboration Tools

    Foster dynamic education through interactive discussions and group projects to increase students' collaboration.

  • Virtual Classroom

  • Host Classes Publicly or Privately

  • On-Demand Learning Techniques

  • Educational Webinars & Events

  • Supports Private Tutoring

Get Your Educational Content Out in the World!

Transcend borders, connect with students worldwide, and make a difference through education.

Personalized Branding

Make your mark with Personalized Branding. Customize your channel to resonate with your learners and create a memorable impression.

In-app Notifications

Stay connected with your audience using In-app Notifications. Keep learners updated and engaged with timely updates.

Offline Downloads

Learning on the go made easy with Offline Downloads. Download courses and watch offline whenever and wherever.

Record Live Classes

Make every class count with Recording Live Classes. Record and share live sessions for an enhanced learning experience.

Video Scheduling

Engage learners at the right moment with Video Scheduling. Time your video releases to keep students actively involved.

Live Countdown

Drive attendance and engagement with Live Countdown. Encourage learners to mark their calendars for exciting sessions.

Course Ratings

Enhance your teaching with Course Ratings. Utilize student feedback to improve course content and delivery.

Embed & Share

Reach a wider audience with the Embed option. Seamlessly embed your content on websites, social media channels, and more.

Monetize Your eLearning Channel Effortlessly!

Monetize your expertise effortlessly choosing from subscriptions, pay-per-view, or ad-based models.


Create recurring revenue streams with Subscriptions. Provide exclusive access and unlock a world of knowledge.

Buy/ Rent Lessons

Offer flexible learning options with Buy or Rent Lessons. Let learners choose how they want to access your content.

Bulk Video Classes

Increase revenue through Bulk Buy Video Classes. Bundle courses attractively and drive bulk purchases.


Build a supportive community with Donations. Allow learners to contribute and show appreciation for your content.

A Multiverse Platform for Educators of Any Kind

Monetize any style of video classes with your exclusive, comprehensive channel.

  • Online Tutorials

    Empower students of all ages with personalized tutoring in subjects spanning math, science, arts, and music, fostering confident learning and academic excellence.

  • Instructional Courses
  • Explainer Videos
  • Animated Learning Videos
  • Presentations
  • Educational Webinars
  • Knowledge-Sharing Content

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