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What Is Video Subscription? And Why You Need for Video Business

The recent few years have been game changers for the entertainment industry when streaming was introduced and loved worldwide. Video platforms became the means to bring video content to the public, and the approach was savored so much that it created a separate economy.

These video subscription platforms today have become the magic wand of content creators, using which they can sprinkle the charm of their creations worldwide. The same is why the global streaming market has been predicted to be worth $1.9 trillion by 2030.

Let’s learn more about video subscription platforms for creators, their benefits, and how you can build your own channel and earn.

What Is A Video Subscription?

A video platform allows content creators to host their videos online and make them available to viewers for streaming. Video content creators choose their niche, such as Education, Entertainment, Health, or others, and start creating videos.

Video subscription platforms also let these creators earn from their videos using Subscription video-on-demand or SVOD revenues. By using video monetizaton model users should pay monthly or yearly subscription for access your video on demand content. such as movies, TV shows & any other popular premium video conent. If you are in video business. you can sell your videos with Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD)

The Rise Of Video Content

Video content was always in the market, but the pandemic wave changed the world and made everything intensely virtual. The same made people dependent on virtual modes of entertainment such as YouTube, TikTok, Netflix, and Prime over traditional forms such as theaters.

The pandemic has ended; however, virtual entertainment has become prominent, and everyone has recognised the huge benefits. This is why the growth of streaming platforms has been set, and it is predicted to reach newer heights with every passing year.

Different Types of VOD Business Models to Generate VOD Revenue

VOD or video-on-demand streaming platforms facilitate some ways to let creators earn from their creations. Let’s talk about the most common business models or revenue models that streaming platforms provide nowadays.

Types of VOD Business Models
  • SVOD: Subscription Video on Demand 
  • TVOD: Transactional Video on Demand
  • AVOD: Ad-based Video-on-demand

SVOD: Subscription Video on Demand 

SVOD refers to a revenue model that allows creators to earn via subscriptions. The creator uploads the content, which the viewers can run on demand whenever and from wherever they want.

SVOD provides viewers unlimited access to the content library, which they can access upon paying for the subscription. Some online video OTT platforms that avail of the SVOD revenue model are Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime.

TVOD: Transactional Video on Demand

TVOD or Pay Per View allows creators to charge per content, such as for an exclusive sports session, live event,  or video content not available under the Subscription category. This management creates possibilities for more earnings as the creators can earn through Pay-per-view platform.

The TVOD method allows viewers to pay for only the videos they want to stream rather than the entire collection of content. Platforms like Prime utilizes a TVOD revenue model other than SVOD.

AVOD: Ad-based Video-on-demand

By using AVOD, viewers can access the content library without paying money. The viewers instead watch the advertisements played during the videos, and the creators earn from every impression.

Creators who are unsure whether their subscribers would pay should opt for the SVOD revenue model. This way, creators bring content free of cost, and they earn when their viewers watch the ads during streaming.

Why Should You Launch A Video Subscription Channel With GUDSHO?

GUDSHO invites you to launch your own streaming channel where you can monetize your videos using SVOD, TVOD, and donations. The platform lets you upload content on-demand and live streaming as well.

GUDSHO facilitates its creators with an array of features that make it a premium-grade streaming platform. With GUDSHO, you get to access features like video CMS, advanced analytics, customizable subscriptions, special screening, and many others.

GUDSHO lets you create in various niches such as Education, Entertainment, Health, and Short Films. The platform enables you to keep 100% of your earnings, which becomes another reason you should opt for GUDSHO.

How To Start A Video Subscription Channel?

Starting a video subscription channel provides an online space for creators to upload their videos and provide them with their preferred monetization model. Let’s get to know the essential steps on creating a streaming channel.

  • Creators first need to choose a specific video streaming platform which should provide them with all the necessary features in terms of video security, monetization, video quality, customizations, etc.
  • They should then be ready with their content in the genre they have expertise in. Creators should already have a content plan calendar so they can upload videos at regular intervals.
  • Afterward, build your online presence on the streaming platform by filling out the About and Description sections. Upload your brand’s logo and introduction video to give first-time visitors an idea about your channel.  
  • Once you start uploading regular content, it is essential to market your channel to expand its reach and let more people know about your presence.
  • Choose a monetization option that suits your content type the most. You can also choose a hybrid revenue model that includes using more than one revenue method at a time.

Note: Do optimize your channel by using the right keywords in all of the videos you create.

  • The last step is to analyze your channel, track the demographics, and keep implementing marketing strategies accordingly.

What Are The Benefits Of An Online Video Subscription Platform?

Video streaming or subscription platforms provide a digital library to let content creators store their video assets for streaming. 

There are various benefits to why creators should choose a professional video streaming service and not rely on self-hosting.

  • Video streaming platforms make it easier to reach your audience and expand the reach of your content globally. These platforms do not restrict your content geographically and hence gain you maximum exposure.
  • VOD services support multiple devices, so your viewers can stream the content on tablets, smartphones, laptops, PCs, etc.
  • Viewers can stream the content anytime and anywhere. Some hosting platforms also allow downloading content for viewers to watch later without the internet.
  • Streaming platforms provide metrics and demographics about your viewers. These analytics make you understand your audience better and implement a more effective marketing strategy.
  • Seamless integration with popular apps is another feature a VOD provides.


So this was the information about subscription platforms for online content creators and how creators benefit from them. We hope that you now have a clear idea about these platforms and will be able to take your first step toward building a streaming channel.

To build your channel easily, you can always choose GUDSHO, which provides you with pocket-friendly solutions and advanced features to ease up your overall creator’s journey!

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