What is SVOD

What Is SVOD And How Does It Work?

This age is about binge-watching content using the Internet and streaming platforms. People no longer go for the traditional ways like TVs, and the same is prominent in the overall VOD platforms revenue.

These VOD platforms bring their content providers income via different revenue models. One of the most popular of these models is SVOD. The subscription-based revenue model lets creators earn directly from the subscriptions paid by their subscribers or fan base.

Today we will explore the insights about the SVOD revenue model and how it benefits content creators.

What Is SVOD?

SVOD or Subscription Video on Demand lets users access videos by subscribing to a streaming platform or channel. By paying the subscription fee, the user can stream all the available videos as well as live streaming.

The viewers can stream the content using multiple devices, depending on the subscription plan they choose. SVOD generates a continuous flow of income for content creators over other monetization methods.

Hence, it is also one of the most popular methods of monetizing content for creators. If, as a content creator, you want to earn income from your videos, you can sign up on a video streaming platform and opt for the SVOD revenue model.

The Rising Demand For SVOD Monetization

The rising demand for svod monetization

SVOD business model has progressed vastly in the last few years. Statista has predicted the SVOD market to grow to 1.2 billion subscribers by 2026. 

People want to subscribe to their favorite content providers and choose SVOD over rentals or free streaming services. This is because subscriptions ensure premium quality content, zero ads, and access on multiple devices. Plus, by subscribing, they can access the entire library of content and stream whatever they choose.

With time, this demand for SVOD will only rise, and more platforms will offer subscription-based services. Hence, as a content creator, it’s time to hop on and opt for the SVOD revenue model if you haven’t already.

How Does SVOD Work?


Regarding its working mechanism….. SVOD platforms bring a large content library to it’s viewers. The viewers pay for weekly, monthly, or even yearly subscriptions and get to access the videos for that amount of time.

The content providers decide the fee of these subscription plans, and the platforms share the earnings after deducting a certain commission.

Streaming platforms utilize some algorithms to ensure that the viewers keep getting recommendations for their kinds of shows and movies. The same also inspires the users to subscribe to the platform every month, providing the content creators with an active income opportunity.

Key Features Of SVOD Services

key features of svod services

There are reasons why SVOD is popular among viewers and why they are inclined toward these platforms. Some of these features are:

Big content library: By subscribing to a platform, users stream unlimited content, including movies, web series, shows, and more. They can stream anytime and anywhere on their phone without any restrictions.

Multi-device support: SVOD channels enable viewers to stream content using their devices, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs. Users only need to log in to their accounts and stream their favorite content.

Fresh content: On these platforms, content providers ensure continuous uploading of new content so their viewers always have something to explore and keep engaged with their content.

Personalized streaming: SVOD platforms utilize some algorithms that suggest to viewers the content based on their watch and search history. Viewers hence get to stream their kind of content and hence receive a personalized experience.

Ad-free viewing: Unlike the streaming platforms that display ads between the videos, SVOD platforms provide an ad-free experience. 

With all these features, SVOD platforms are capable of luring their audience and making them stay for longer.

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Implementing A Successful SVOD Strategy

implementing a successful svod strategy

To ensure that your channel reaches your audience and your content keeps the necessary engagement, you need to implement an effective SVOD strategy. Here are the steps that you can consider as your SVOD strategy.

Clarify Who Your Viewers Are

Before jumping into any content creation process or advertising your channel, you must know who you are creating for. 

Get to know the demographics of your viewers, such as their location, interests, and preferences, and then you can create content that targets them specifically.

Give Preference To The Content Quality

Once you know your viewers, you need to ensure the content that can keep them captivated. There should be a reason why your viewers choose your content over others. You need to create high-quality, interesting content that makes your viewers eager.

Experiment With The Exclusives

While creating regular content for your viewers, you can also bring a different dimension. You can provide them with exclusive videos such as behind-the-scenes, a glimpse of your life, bonus content, etc.

Make Titles And Descriptions Optimized

There needs to be more than just creating content; making it searchable by search engines like Google is also necessary. If you want to establish a digital presence, you must let search engines know your channel exists.

For the same, find mostly searched keywords in your niche and use them in your titles and descriptions. Doing this will make Google bots fetch your content when someone makes a related query.

Choose An Attractive SVOD Platform

Besides everything mentioned above, the interface of your SVOD platform also plays a major role in attracting users to your channel.

Make sure you pick up a platform that provides appealing catalogs for content and an overall clean user interface.

Utilize The Power Of Social Media

To increase the reach of your channel in a short time, you need to utilize social media and the charm of influencers.

Influencers with a decent user base can promote your channel using word of mouth and make thousands of people aware of your channel.

Keep Monitoring What You Implement

Implementing all the strategies is not enough; you must also test how well those strategies work for you. You need to monitor them occasionally and let go of the ones that don’t serve you results.

How Does SVOD Differ From Other Monetization Models?

how does svod differ from other monetization models

AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD or Pay-Per view are well-known and most-used monetization models for content creators. All of these models generate revenue, however, in different ways. Let’s get to know how these revenue models are different from each other.

AVOD Or Advertising Video On Demand

AVOD uses advertisements between the videos and generates money every time an ad is viewed or clicked. This revenue model lets viewers stream the content free of cost since they pay with their time by watching the advertisements.

Hence AVOD doesn’t charge any subscription fee from the viewers. People who don’t mind watching ads opt for AVOD streaming platforms. It should be used by content creators when they have a regular and large amount of traffic since for every 1000 ad impressions, creators receive a small amount of money.

SVOD – Subscription Video On Demand

SVOD is based on subscriptions, where viewers pay the subscription fee and get to stream the content.

By paying for the subscription, viewers can access the whole library of videos and stream the content without any disruption of ads. SVOD should be used when you have built a constant amount of traffic and when you can provide them with premium content regularly.

Transaction-Based Video On Demand

TVOD refers to rental-based streaming where a user pays the rental fee for a particular piece of video and gets to stream it until a specific period. The revenue model also lets viewers buy their favorite movies, which they can keep permanently and watch for a lifetime.

Content creators should use such a revenue model when they can provide exclusive content such as live sports matches, live concerts, and popular well-rated movies.

FeeMonthly subscription feeAccess to content is freeAccess to specific content
Revenue GenerationIt happens through subscriptionsViewers watch the ads and creators earnViewers pay for a specific video
Content AccessAccess to unlimited contentViewers need to watch ads to access contentViewers pay rental fee to stream their favorite videos
Duration Of StreamingViewers can subscribe weekly, monthly, or yearlyAs long as viewers watch the ads, they can streamStreaming is limited to the content that is paid for
AdsNo advertisementsViewers need to watch adsNo advertisements
Who Should Use?Creators who have a large video library and an audience that can payCreators who are new to creating content but have a large trafficCreators who can bring exclusive and premium content
ExamplesGUDSHO, Netflix, Prime, HULUYouTube, CrackleGUDSHO, Prime, Apple TV, Google Play

When To Monetize With SVOD?

when to monetize with svod

SVOD is a great revenue model that can provide you with a regular income and more than other revenue models. However, it might only be a suitable revenue model for some creators. You can utilize SVOD if:

  • You can provide a large content library where you keep updating new content
  • You follow a specific niche and want to attract an audience particularly interested in that niche
  • You don’t mind a little spending from time to time to bring exclusive content to your channel
  • You are comfortable with letting viewers have free trials
  • You can bring content based on your audience’s liking
  • You can provide them with pocket-friendly and flexible subscription plans

Advantages Of SVOD

Now let’s uncover some of the benefits that are bestowed by SVOD.            

1. Stable Income Source

Most content creators prefer SVOD since it is a stable income source. While utilizing SVOD, creators can estimate their monthly income, and with proper channel marketing, they can expect more financial growth.      

2. Flexible Pricing Plans

SVOD gives you the flexibility to keep subscription plans as per your audience. Platforms that provide SVOD revenue models also let creators design their subscription plans to make them more audience-friendly.

3. Loyal Fan Base

SVOD business model brings you more chances of creating a loyal fanbase. When you can secure a decent number of subscribers, you can be sure that they will stay in the long run. SVOD enables you to create a trustworthy relationship with your viewers.       

4. Consistent Growth

SVOD has been a favorite to people all these years, and it will only grow more in their hearts. Thus, with SVOD, creators can stay assured about their stable finances and consistent growth.

Disadvantages Of SVOD

As there are advantages to SVOD, there are some downsides too. Let’s uncover them here.

1. Limited Exposure To Content

When you allow your audience to stream content only after subscription, you lose chances of having your content seen by many. People who don’t want to pay the subscription fee never know about your content.

However, you can counter this by creating promos and trailers about your content and posting them on social media. This will ensure that more people will become aware of your content, and they might become your new subscribers.              

2. Need For Regular Updates

By paying the subscription fee, users expect a lot of content. It means that creators must provide them with a large library of videos in different genres. If you fail to do so, it reduces your chances of getting subscriptions in the upcoming months.                  

3. Loss Of Subscribers

Also known as OTT churn, during this stage, creators lose many subscribers. The reasons can be many such as not providing enough content or setting too high prices.

Creators need to rectify these issues from time to time to ensure their channel’s continuous growth.

Key Takeaways

Since the popularity of SVOD is on the rise, it’s the right time for creators and businesses to opt for an SVOD platform. If you want to provide content to your audience and earn money from the same, opt for a revenue model like SVOD.

Consider some best SVOD platforms that provide SVOD monetization methods and create your channel. With time, you can also experiment with more revenue models, such as TVOD, or you can blend both and earn from the hybrid system.

Do consider your content type and if you can keep up with providing regular content before opting for SVOD. If you are a new creator and unsure about a large library of content, you can always start with ad-based revenue models. At last, it’s all about experimenting and getting to know which revenue model works best for you.


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