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How to Live Stream Online Church Services? (+4 Platforms)

“Online church services foster a faithful connection with its congregation, irrespective of distance and time.”

2020. What thought does it ignite you when you read this year? Does it bring to you the harrowing images of the deadly pandemic? Or the pixel-perfect live-streaming sessions you had with your colleagues and friends? 

I guess the latter for sure, right? And just like we had a gala time with friends and families, online church services too paved the way for pastors and bishops to reunite with their congregations through live streaming.

A proof of the above said is the statistical report which ought to ‘wow’ you.

Statistical Analysis of Church Live Streaming

As per latest reports from Web Tribunal, we get to see that:

  • 45% of Americans streamed Christian church online services during the pandemic.
  • 17 million Americans still browse through church services online.
  • Over 2,2 billion dollar donations were given online in just a year.
  • During the pandemic, almost 96% of pastors live-streamed their services.

And the numbers are more. Amazing, is it not to realize the fact that the House of Worship is extending its faith sermons to individual’s homes through live streaming? 

Well yes, and if you are a churchgoer or a volunteer who would love to learn how online worship services work, this blog is a heads-up for you.

But first, it is time to see why a church should use online streaming services.

As simple as it goes, staying in touch with members of the faith is the sole reason for streaming worship houses online. Other benefits include:

  • Accepting donations for streaming video content
  • Bringing in people from faith communities and boosting togetherness
  • Sharing info and inspirations from daily lives to add more members to the church
  • Rendering support to the parish when there is a need
  • And finally, engaging with people when they cannot come in person.

The bulletins which you just read are a few of the major reasons how broadcasting live church services can help you reap its benefits. So what say, are you ready to focus on how to achieve this milestone?

Looking for the best platform to Live Stream your Church Sermons?

What equipment & setup is needed for live streaming church services?

If you are interested in getting ahead by using a live-streaming solution for hosting religious events or church prayers, then the first item on your checklist is a basic streaming setup.

And then are the ones listed below that are a few must-haves. Trust me mates, without these, you would not really livestream. They are:

  • Webcam or Camera
  • Microphone
  • Laptop and Smartphone
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Live Streaming Software

Having said these, we will see below each of the following in detail.

Webcam for live streaming church services

No one would like to view a video or a church sermon that is poor in quality. Hence, always go ahead with a camera with an HDMI output that would stream your sessions in HD quality.

But the pain point in the above case is that it would work if you have a lower budget or you are least worried about super-professional quality streaming.

Whereas, if you are interested in elevating the viewing experience of audiences and planning for a top-end video production or 4k streaming quality, our best picks are below:

Listed here are some of the high-resolution cameras for church live streaming:

  1. Canon EOS Rebel T7i- This works well even in low light.
  2. Canon Vixia G40: Excellent quality for video streaming at an affordable pricing
  3. Mevo Start: Best for beginners with user-friendly recording
  4. Sony PXW- Z150: Professional features that are best suited for 4k streaming

Similarly, you can always opt for multistreaming which allows broadcasters to stream videos of HD quality on one platform and SD on another. Which would help viewers to cope with buffer-free streaming.

Next up on the list is,

Live streaming Software for Churches

By now, you would have got an idea of the perks online church service would give you. So, your next stop is to find the best streaming software for your goal. 

And to talk in favor of the above said, several social media channels let creators broadcast their content for free. However, they limit the number of platforms that they can livestream at a time.

Hence, you need a streaming service that would allow you to do simulcasting and customize your content the way you need. For that, the only option in the market is using GUDSHO.

GUDSHO is a premium online video platform or a service that lets brands and creators to host, manage, stream, market, and earn their content without any restrictions or limits. Plus, it has its positives like:

  • Append thumbnails to draw viewers’ attention to your videos
  • Get an RTMP Key to embed on the OBS for buffer-free broadcasting
  • Give viewers an unparalleled viewing experience with HLS video player
  • Set auto-reminders to help viewers engage in your streams at the right time
  • Have the ability to convert your live streams to on-demand content
  • Set geo-restriction on who can watch your content

In case you are on the search for other streaming software, then we have that too on the list:

  • OBS Studio
  • Wirecast
  • ProPresenter
  • vMix 
  • SermonCast

Audio quality for church live streaming

Just like how a neat and good-quality camera is important for streaming, you would also need an exceptional audio setup for worship services. 

Without which, your audiences would have issues with hearing and would skip your stream right away. So make sure to use the best microphone that eliminates background noises.

Best-in-class internet connection

Have a check on how fast your internet connection should be for streaming church services. As, the upload speed for a video differs greatly with the platform you are using and the content type. 

Hmm. So these were the must-haves for streaming live church services. But if you ask me if these were all, then it is not. As there is other live streaming equipment that you can have ready before doing a broadcast.

What other equipment do you need for church live streaming?

To go on-air, you would need the following besides using a high-end camera and perfect streaming software.

1. Tripod: How long would you have to check whether your videos are shaking or in the right position. Therefore, by using a tripod, you can set a position as long as you stream your content.

2. HDMI cable: You would need a HDMI cable if you are using a camcorder and would want to connect it to your laptop 

3. Video Mixer: This equipment comes in handy if you are thinking of switching between your cameras or playing pre-recorded footage.

4. Desktop Monitor: Well, not mandatory equipment but having one can help you check how your live stream looks to people in real-time.

5. Lightening: You need to make sure that when your pastor speaks, there is enough lighting near him so that viewers can see him. If there is just a chandelier hanging, make sure to use LEDs.

Looking to Launch Your Church Streaming Platform? Start and Grow Your Religious Streaming Service With GUDSHO

Live Streaming Platforms For Your Online Church Services

These days it has become quite evident to choose YouTube and Facebook to do live streaming because it is in those where viewer counts are more 

But, what creators tend to miss is that certain live streaming platforms allow brands and individuals to multi stream to different social media channels at once.

By doing so, you can never fall short on your audience engagements. Therefore, we’ve curated the top 4 streaming platforms for you to gear up your church streaming journey.

Starting with my favorite-


A real-time video platform that is also known by an alias, “a streaming sensation”. Yup, you heard it right! Because, be it creators or brands, they get the flexibility to host, manage, stream, distribute, and market their content to a larger audience without any limits.

Plus, with us (Yes, GUDSHO), you can now broadcast church sermons directly to any social channel or simply copy and paste the embed code from our platform to your website or social media account.

And if you are worried about uninterrupted streaming, then we come as Akamai-packed which helps to reduce the latency levels. Due to this, you can now experience religious events as if you were in person.

Oh, now this gets interesting! You get to monetize your live video content too with our 5+ monetization models. 

Their Standouts:

  • Live streaming to VOD conversion
  • 4k video delivery
  • Global CDN
  • 5+ monetization models
  • Low latency streaming
  • Scheduling options
  • Marketing support
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Pre-book live

So, this was all about us. Let us see who’s next up the list.

2. VPlayed

 When it comes to religious streaming, VPlayed is a masterpiece. From offering a reliable white-labeled solution to providing customizable features, the platform allows audiences to engage with the religious community without any hassles. 

And like the previous platform provider, even VPlayed comes with multiple monetization models to boost your revenue income.

Their Standouts

  • Customizable content management library
  • Custom-built HLS video player
  • Live linear streaming
  • White-label solution
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage

3. Facebook Live

The prime reason why people choose this is because it has over 2.89 billion MAUs, and it helps church personnel broadcast their church events or religious gatherings directly to an FB page, profile, or group.

Another reason is that it is completely free to create a post and live-stream content.

4. YouTube Live

Yet another free live streaming platform is YouTube Live which directly allows church officials or creators to stream content to audiences. 

Besides the fact that it is free to use, viewers don’t need to sign in to watch religious events. However, to go live from the YouTube mobile app, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers on your account. 

It’s A Closure

Finally, we have come to the end of the blog post and by now, we hope we have given you a fair insight into online church services and which platform to choose.

In case you are still hanging like a needle in a haystack and worrying about how to convert all your church live streams to on-demand video content, then GUDSHO is always there at your side.

You can host, manage, and earn as much as you want from our platform and we won’t charge a penny from you as a commission. 

Till then, happy broadcasting friends!

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