Video Monetization Myths

10 Video Monetization Myths Affecting Creators Growth

No one believes unless it’s done. Long time back, least the world expected that content creators would have an essential role in our everyday lives and choices. Some time back, least would everyone have believed that all it takes is immense creativity and a decent phone camera to create content.

And now, video monetization has to go through the same tunnel hole of thoughts traversed into gossip and myths that are preventing (Re: scaring) content creators from taking a confident step towards monetization.

Worldwide reach, more revenue, building a substantial brand value, better audience engagement, and gaining confidence to consider content creation as a career are some benefits of video content monetization.

In this article, we’ll discuss the popular myths built around video monetization, why content creators should not think deeply about such bottlenecks, and continue to create content that all will love.

Video Monetization Myths, Debunked

There are so many myths around monetization, as this is a complex and constantly evolving field. From the ever-changing landscape and lack of proper understanding of how monetization works, the constant doubt within creators has led to them not unleashing their fullest potential.

Every day, we wake up to see news that talks about creators worldwide earning millions. And on the other side of the seashore, why aren’t people unwilling to surf on the beautiful sea out there?

Monetization Myths

Here are 10 myths we often hear in the world of content creation and monetization:

👉 “You need more views to make more money”
👉 “You need huge followers to earn online”
👉 “Ad revenue is the revolution”
👉 “Only long videos can be monetized”
👉 “YouTube content only can be monetized”
👉 “Spend a lot of money to earn a lot of money”
👉 “There is no future for content creators”
👉 “You cannot monetize ASAP”
👉 “People are not ready to pay for”
👉 “It takes a lot to start a VOD channel”

Being a content creator, did you hear any of these hush-hush phrases? If yes, we feel you too. But the only thing dodging between your content and the thought of monetizing is your DOUBTFULNESS. Nothing else.

⚡Myth 1: “You need more views to make more money”

There is no guarantee that videos with a million views are taking back huge baggages of money, and there is no guess-game either that videos with only a thousand views aren’t making money either.

Although views do make a difference by reaching a lot of people and increasing your brand awareness, there are other factors, such as audience engagement, demographics, the target audience for whom the video is intended, and the monetization strategy that’s in place.

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⚡Myth 2: “You need huge followers to earn online”

Everyone does need a considerable follower base on social media and elsewhere to flex their skills and increase their viewership. But that alone cannot substitute for the fact that creators cannot monetize video content if they don’t have millions of followers.

Monetization strategies such as product placement, sponsored content, brand collaborations, and more can be effectively used to sell videos online. At the same time, you must also focus on brand building on social media so the followers can amplify your efforts even more in the future.

⚡Myth 3: “Ad revenue is the revolution”

Since ads have always been a part of our lives – in TV, mobile phones, newspapers, etc. – the thought that ads are the sole way to monetize would’ve been ingrained in our minds when we think of monetization.

Although advertisements are a good option to make decent money online, they aren’t the only ones out there – as popular perception goes by. Other options include subscriptions, selling apparel, sponsoring business ads, and creating premium content, which can help you strike gold too!

⚡Myth 4: “Only long videos can be monetized”

There is no solid backing for this statement that videos must be of a specific duration to be blended into the monetization model. Even a 1-minute video can be monetized. No, we are not kidding.

For instance, there are so many creators out there collaborating with brands and doing Instagram reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok videos. Saw them, right? In turn, the businesses pay those influencers to drive across their messaging in an engaging way to their audience. 

And what is the length of these videos? Can only long videos be monetized? Hmmm, you’ve got your answer.

⚡Myth 5: “Only YouTube content can be monetized”

The ever-changing algorithm of YouTube and the highly increased competition made it challenging for creators to channelize their efforts there. The times have changed, and more creators started to seek YouTube alternatives to build their own channels and make money.

There are so many video content monetization platforms that help creators to upload videos, promote content, set their own pricing model, start earning money, and turn it into a profitable business model.

The best part is your channel can be created in around a minute. That’s all it takes to start your monetization journey. Want to start right away?

⚡Myth 6: “Spend a lot of money to earn a lot of money”

Starting out as a content creator is not a difficult task. Sustaining to be successful is the hardest part here. With the penetration of technology and mobile phone compatibility to shoot great content, you can deliver quality videos with decent gear. All you need is creative ideas that intrigue viewers to watch and share content.

Also, talking about the channels part – Many video platforms allow creators to open a channel for free. Your channel can be up and running in no time. 

However, once you start growing, you need to invest in high-end equipment to scale up. And marketing efforts like ads, offline events, and collaborations are a few areas you’d be spending money on.

⚡Myth 7: “There is no future for content creators”

Whoever said this would not have been following the constant rise of the content creator economy, which has been making millions of dollars every year. And the revenue scale is only set to right in the coming times.

Based on a report by NeroReach, which surveyed around 2000 content creators, more than 20% said they could earn a comfortable income of $50,000 at least, annually.

Besides channel monetization platforms that empower creators to make more money, Instagram ‘currently’ remains the top social media choice for influencers to monetize their content.

⚡Myth 8: “You cannot monetize ASAP”

Statements like you need 1000s of followers to start monetizing, and you need 100,000s of followers to earn colossal money are both lies.

By choosing a robust video monetization platform and setting up a subscription model for your content, creators can generate recurring revenue. And even further, they can earn every time their digital download or videos are rented or bought from where you sell videos on VOD platforms.

Think beyond the popular platforms and switch to a future-proof solution!

⚡Myth 9: “People are not ready to pay for”

If there is one pro tip we give to emerging creators, it has to be this: Never blame the audience. Never. It just isn’t right. 

Instead of venting out on the people, sit back and analyze your results and develop compelling marketing strategies to reach your videos to the masses.

From online fitness classes to learning online and seeing movies at the convenience of home, the demand for quality content that provides value to the buyer is always there in the market. People are ready to pay for premium content.

⚡Myth 10: “It takes a lot to start a VOD channel”

VOD (video-on-demand) channels liberate content creators to monetize video content directly through subscriptions, pay-per-views, ads, brand collaborations, and more. The options are endless.

With your own video channel, creators get complete control over your content, how it’s distributed, and the benefit of building a direct relationship with your audience. 

It costs nothing to start a channel with GUDSHO. So many creators have successfully created their channels and started earning more revenue than they expected. Start your channel for free with GUDSHO now.

It’s time for content creators to change the status quo of monetization models by taking things into your hands. Monetize content, build an audience, grow your brand, and prove to the world that content creators can lead lives doing what they love and also be paid for their efforts.

Final Reflections

Creating quality content can be competitive owing to so many others already in the process of doing so. But, it is essential for creators to remain focused in the pursuit of creating their work. 

Every content creator’s hard work and dedication will find its goal. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday, it will.

Your creativity and passion for creating content is a gift that has the power to entertain, educate, engage, and bring people together. The impact that content creators are making in this world is immense. 

No matter what happens, do not bow down listening to any myths anymore. The world is full of endless possibilities for those who don’t fear failure and continue to create content. Remember that your work has the potential to reach millions and make a difference in their lives.

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What is video monetization, and why is it important for content creators?

Video monetization helps creators to create content and do what they love. At the same time, they create a revenue model that supports their efforts and assists them in producing quality content for a long time.

Are all video platforms suitable for monetizing content?

Whether a platform is available for monetization depends on the build and the features it offers. If you ask us, GUDSHO is a monetization platform using which creators can double their revenue.

Can content creators really make money from their videos?

Yes, so many creators worldwide are already earning millions of dollars. Video monetization, brand sponsorships, and selling merch and some popular ways creators can leverage their videos.

Is it necessary to have a large following to start monetizing videos?

Not at all. Creators with (or without) huge followers can start to monetize their videos. Of course, the followers count helps the message to reach faster. But even otherwise, there are ideas like paid ads and social media adverts to reach a wider audience.

Are there any legal restrictions to monetizing videos online?

Legal Restrictions are platform and creator specific, as each platform and creators are liable to the legal laws pertaining to their nation.


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