Top 6+ OTT App Makers to Build Your TV & Mobile Apps in 2024

Looking for a trusted Top OTT app builders enable seamless development of customizable and feature-rich over-the-top streaming applications, enhancing user engagement and content delivery.

In this era dominated by on-demand streaming, OTT applications have become pivotal, reshaping the outlook of our cinematic and episodic experiences. The pressing query arises: which OTT app builder should one select to develop an application that not only navigates but also thrives within this bustling digital landscape? Worry not – we have the solution.

This blog aims to shed light on the top 7 OTT app builders, each equipped with distinctive features and functionalities tailored to take up your online video streaming requirements to new heights. Prepare for an insightful exploration as we look into different OTT TV app builders that keep the potential to attract your audience in every possible way. 

However, before looking deep into the specifics and exploring different OTT app builders one after the other, let us first acquaint ourselves with the concept of OTT apps.

What is OTT Apps? 

In straightforward terms, OTT apps bring your cherished shows and movies directly to your devices, eliminating the need for traditional cable connections. Consider OTT apps as your own personalized OTT services

Now, here’s the best part – if you are a content creator or a business owner, OTT apps could be the game-changer and can help you in every possible way. They empower you to share your content with people globally, without the constraints of geographical barriers. In fact, it’s like having a direct link to the people who love to watch what you create. Pretty exciting, right?

Top 7 Best OTT App Builders To Launch Your Own OTT Streaming Business

Welcome to the most anticipated segment of our blog! Here, we present the list of top OTT app builders, in market VPlayed, Contus Tech, Vimeo OTT, Muvi, & Oxagile each promising to redefine your entire online video streaming experience. 

1. VPlayed 

Your Gateway to Exceptional OTT Experiences and Development Solutions

VPlayed stands tall as one of the leading white-label OTT app builders, providing end-to-end video streaming solutions. What sets it apart is its robust microservices architecture, ensuring scalability and efficiency. Nevertheless, this dynamic platform offers a number of features, including Video on Demand, live streaming, multi-device compatibility, and much more.

VPlayed takes pride in its 100% customizable OTT platform functionality, empowering businesses with a tailored streaming experience. Moreover, it presents a diverse range of monetization options, allowing you to effectively manage and monetize your content. With DRM protection in place, VPlayed ensures the utmost security for your valuable video assets.

VPlayed – Key Advantages in OTT Application Development:

  • DRM and AES Encryption for robust content protection.
  • Buffer-Free Streaming ensures uninterrupted video playback.
  • Simultaneous Multi-Device Streaming for wider audience reach.
  • Customizable Branding Options within the video player interface.
  • Efficient Video CMS Dashboard for streamlined content management.
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2. CONTUS Tech 

Advancing OTT App Development with Innovative Solutions

As a distinguished OTT app builder with a rich legacy spanning over 15+ years, Contus Tech brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Specializing in OTT app development across diverse industries, Contus Tech stands out for its commitment to making video management a breeze.

Contus Tech ensures a seamless user experience across all network devices, giving you full control over your content. With access to the platform’s source code, a flexible hiring model, and support for 200+ third-party integrations, Contus Tech provides a holistic solution for all your OTT platform development needs, coupled with precise analytics solutions.

Why Contus Tech Stands Out in OTT App Development:

  • The OTT App supports both on-demand and live streaming.
  • Facilitates seamless migration of existing content and user data.
  • Offers versatile monetization options tailored to your business model.
  • Simplifies video management for easy organization and administration.
  • Provides a skilled team ready to collaborate on your OTT app development. 

3. Vimeo OTT

Redefining Streaming Experiences via Top-Notch OTT Apps

Vimeo OTT stands out as a versatile OTT app builder, offering a number of customization options for both the app and website. This OTT app development company provides creators with unparalleled freedom, enabling various customizations to personalize their OTT app. 

From video hosting to content organization and distribution, Vimeo OTT combines flexibility with high-volume storage capacity. Above all, organizations of different sizes are drawn to Vimeo OTT’s powerful statistics dashboard and revenue capabilities, making it one of the top choices for creating and managing branded content delivery apps.

Why Choose Vimeo OTT for App Development:

  • In-house development team support for reliable OTT app development.
  • Video CMS for seamless uploading, organization, and encoding of videos.
  • More flexibility options, allowing customizations for personalized OTT experiences.
  • Powerful statistics dashboard & revenue capabilities for impactful content delivery apps.

4. Muvi 

Building Future-Ready OTT Apps for Buffer-free Entertainment

Muvi offers both VOD and live streaming platform options. With a suite of features, including cloud encoding, low latency streaming, premium delivery, and video security, Muvi ensures a top-notch streaming experience. Its customizable website, featuring plug-and-play templates, facilitates a unique and tailored presence. 

Muvi goes beyond app building, assists content creators in OTT platform development, implementing monetization strategies, and providing real-time insights. Boasting robust monetization features, Muvi guarantees revenue generation, and its range of customizable templates and design options allows for a more personalized touch. 

Advantages of Choosing Muvi as a OTT App Builder:

  • Integration with popular payment gateways enhances user convenience.
  • Advanced HTML5 video player guarantees adaptive bitrate video playback. 
  • Supports multi-device playback, ensuring a consistent video streaming experience. 
  • Robust monetization features ensure effective revenue generation for content creators.

5. Oxagile

Pioneering OTT Platform Development for Best Streaming Solutions

Oxagile is a provider of OTT app development services, contributing to the video streaming transformation for over two decades. The company’s commitment lies in enhancing user navigation on any OTT media app, utilizing their expertise in OTT streaming, and leveraging SSAI and CSAI technologies for personalized ad-supported streaming experiences. 

Oxagile is a pioneer in cross-platform OTT app development, offering the flexibility to choose between native or third-party players. With extensive experience in delivering streaming solutions across various devices, including iOS, Android, Android TVs, Apple TVs, LG, Roku, and more, Oxagile also excels in audience analytics, video advertising, and big data services. 

Oxagile’s Key Benefits in regards to OTT Development:

  • Provides top-notch audience analytics and video advertising capabilities.
  • Their comprehensive solutions cover live streaming, linear, and VoD video delivery.
  • Offers stunning visuals and video previews without the need for developer assistance.
  • Trusted by global brands for its extensive experience in video streaming transformations.

6. Tothenew

Building Tomorrow’s OTT Apps Today with Expertise and Innovation

Tothenew stands as a prominent force in OTT platform development and media services, catering to independent software vendors and businesses alike. With a rich history of deploying 350+ OTT apps and collaborations with 15+ OTT ecosystem partners, Tothenew boasts over a decade of experience. 

Their expertise extends to end-to-end development, covering the entire streaming platform, from backend and front-end to all system integrations. Specializing in media and entertainment, finance, e-commerce, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals, Tothenew empowers content creators and owners to build their own OTT applications. 

Benefits of Choosing Tothenew for OTT App Development:

  • Specializes in building Smart TV applications for a broader audience reach.
  • Expertise in developing both on-demand and live streaming portals or platforms.
  • Provides in-house solutions for content and metadata management across OTT platforms.
  • Offers services including CDN, analytics, payment gateways, notifications, ad-engines.

7. Uscreen 

Shaping the Future of Video Streaming with Powerful OTT App Solutions

Uscreen emerges as the ultimate solution for video content distribution, providing a platform to build an OTT application that perfectly aligns with your brand. Going beyond basic streaming, it offers features such as live video streaming, chat functionality, and the ability to automatically record live sessions, making Uscreen stand out.

The platform enhances user interaction with downloadable CSV files of all registered participants, reliable streaming through Content Delivery Network (CDN), and push alerts and notifications. Uscreen supports both Video on Demand (VOD) and live streaming, features a user-friendly interface, customizable themes, and integrates with popular CRM tools. 

Why Opt for Uscreen in OTT App Building:

  • Full compatibility for broadcasting live feeds to any device.
  • Robust monetization options with subscriptions, rentals, and purchases.
  • Enables the creation of a branded OTT app aligned with your brand identity.
  • Integrates powerful marketing and customer retention tools for audience engagement.

Summing Up 

As we wrap up our exploration of various OTT app builders, it’s quite evident that selecting the right OTT app builder is crucial for success in the streaming landscape. When assessing the current OTT app market, VPlayed, Contus Tech, Vimeo OTT, Muvi, Oxagile, Tothenew, and Uscreen present diverse offerings tailored to various business needs.

By now, we trust you have gathered sufficient information about these different OTT app builders, empowering you to make informed decisions for your OTT app development journey. So, start on your streaming adventure with confidence, armed with insights into the top-notch solutions offered by these industry-leading OTT app builders.

If you already have an idea about creating an OTT APP like Netflix & Amazon Prime, Schedule a free demo and we’ll help you implement it!


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