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Why Switch to GUDSHO?

Celebrate exclusivity with a standalone video channel that is feature-rich on all fronts. No more 3rd party reliance. Maximize returns with zero% commission.

Your Brand

Amplify your identity as a brand or an independent artist, build a community, and deliver unique offerings.

Complete Creative Freedom

No more worrying rules! Put your creativity into action via videos that speak your vision.

Your Own

Leverage your channel & monetize all you want — at your own pace, at your own will.

A Video Platform That Has It All for Independent Artists!

Self-start your monetization journey in a jiffy with a fully-featured channel
that your tight-knit community adores to pay for.

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Built for Creators

Creator-Friendly CMS

Content creation is tedious in itself. Our hassle-free video management system comes to the rescue with a holistic dashboard that eases all you content-related chores.

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Best Video Content Management System for YouTubers
Easy Channel Setup

Be a part of the booming creator economy by launching your video channel almost instantly without the need to build a platform of your own from the ground up.

Unlimited Video Library

Let your creative flow know no bounds. Keep uploading videos to a library your fans love and get the most out of your content in a super-organized way.

Manage Metadata

Administer all the information surrounding your videos with metadata management tools that come handy to make your content more discoverable in search engines.

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No More Rules. Complete Freedom!

Define your own brand and its monetization without having to be bound by
3rd party dictations.

Monetize without any Rules & Guidelines
  • No Eligibility Guidelines

    Gone are the days of qualifying rules. Got content? Stream and sell without restrictions.

  • No Changing Algorithms

  • No Trolls

GUDSHO Vs YouTube: A Feature-Wise Analysis

Crack the million dollar question from this step-by-step breakdown

Platform Features  Premium Video Monetization Platform YouTube Alternative
Channel Aesthetics
Scope for Memberships
Subscriber Restriction
Freedom of Content Delivery
Wait Time to Monetize
Platform Commission
How Monetization Works
Control Over Revenue
Payout Cycle
Chances of Demonetization

Gain Absolute Monetary Control

Your Goals. Your Rules. Your Income.

Subscription Video-On-Demand

Earn a predictable, recurring monthly or annual fee for exclusive access to your entire video library via suvbscriptions.

Transactional Video-On-Demand

Offer one-time access to your trending video content for a small fee through the pay-per-view option on GUDSHO.

Accept Donations from Youtube Alternative Platform

Raise funds online to support your passion via donations from your loving fans by means of easy payments.

A Quick Comparison Based on Monetization

Discover the prime deciding factors that will define you revenue-making journey
in GUDSHO and YouTube.

High-end Comparison Video Chart  Premium Video Monetization Platform YouTube Alternative
Cast to TV
Commission (Per Video Content) No (Without any Commission) 30%
100% Revenue
Subscription Payments
Special Screening for Special Invitees
Open Revenue Analytical Dashboard
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Skip the Guess Game! Get Transparent Revenue Stats!

Keep a continuous check on the videos that generate the most income
month-on-month to deliver more revenue-driven content.

  • Estimated Global Revenue

    Envision the future of your brand, its creations, and financial projections based on meaningful data from GUDSHO's revenue metrics in precise detail.

  • Monthly Recurring Income

  • Subscriber Lifetime Value

  • Donations Received

Global Video Revenue Stats Dashboard

Top YouTubers call GUDSHO the best partner for video monetization!

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