Siruvan Samuel is a 2023 Tamil movie by Sadhu Burlington set in Kanyakumari in the '90s.

The film is a raw and authentic rendition of the hopes and dreams of young boys Samuel (Ajidhan Thavasimuthu) and Rajesh (KG Vishnu), their passion for cricket, the innocent wrongdoings and how it impacts their lives.

The film is shot in the scenic picturesque of the coastal town and is a treat to watch. With natural flawless acting and screenplay, Siruvan Samuel simply draws audiences past the usuals of mainstream cinema.

A Quick Backstory of Countryside Films

Countryside Films is a team of independent filmmakers with an ingenious goal to deliver outstanding regional content to the world. Captained by Sadhu Burlington, Siruvan Samuel is the media house's maiden feature film that was created with a passion for candid storytelling. The casting is so authentic to the crux of the film conveyed in a soulful Kanyakumari dialect. The movie had previously been released in theatres and showcased in various schools in and around the town. With big dreams and a wonderfully created movie at hand, Countryside Films approached GUDSHO to offer the best of regional cinema.

Vision of Sadhu's

  • An honest attempt to make rural cinema global

    Give the movie a premium digital showcase, a worlwide release online

    Stream Siruvan Samuel in the best visual quality

    Reach viewers beyond the theatrical screenings of Kanyakumari

    Launch the movie on a space that directly resonates with indie film audiences

    Gain transparent insights on the film's doing & performance

    Make heads turn towards regional filmmaking

Why was GUDSHO Chosen to Premiere Siruvan Samuel?

GUDSHO was an easy-to-approach platform that provided 100% content control & freedom. The team was elated with the fact that channel creation, movie hosting, marketing, & release was all well simplified & given appropriate assistance in every step of the way. GUDSHO has a large viewer base from around the globe which was highly convincing as Countryside Films wanted to take the movie to Tamil audiences across different countries. Furthermore, GUDSHO's device feasibility assured audiences would view the movie on web, mobile and tablet, which enhanced engagement to great extents. With 5+ means of generating revenue, full-circle movie performance & tracking, and complete pre & post release support, GUDSHO was the finest choice.

How GUDSHO Brought the Vision to Life?

Worldwide premiere of Siruvan Samuel

70% Quicker Conversions

Boost in brand Presence of Countryside Films

5X MoreMovie Plays

Streaming Successfully24*7

Movie Release & Management

Independent Video Channel

Countryside Films created an exclusive channel and the movie was seamlessly launched.

Channel Owner Controls

With easy all-inclusive dashboards, metadata and everything around the movie was optimized.

4K Video Streaming

Siruvan Samuel got its worldwide premiere in UHD to global audiences on a PPV basis.

Performance & Support

From onboarding to providing exceptional scope for branding and marketing, comprehensive support and assistance was ensured. We thrive on creator success and hence, Siruvan Samuel was uploaded and streamed glitch-free in the finest visual quality with round-the-clock support both before & after launch of the film on GUDSHO. Today, the movie has received amazing response from Tamil audiences around the globe and continues to stream 24*7 on-demand.

Branding Assistance

for the production house & Siruvan Samuel to receive viral popularity & recognition.

360° Tracking

to monitor how the film is performing, viewership stats, and payments received.

Targeted Audience

to drive more traction from cinephiles who love regional, earnest films.

24*7 Support

our GUDSHO team right from day #1 with channel creation, movie release, & more.

Siruvan Samuel's Streaming Success



Viewer Rating


Users Reached


Positive Feedback

Movie Performance

The movie's catchy & audience-friendly booking flow has kept the average time to buy at < 1.5 mins.


Bookings from 50+ COUNTRIES


Revenue Collection


Social Engagement




Sadhu Burlington Says,

“GUDSHO is a delight to partner with. The video player is amazing! Despite the self-serve model the platform operates on, we received round-the-clock support during and after release. Easy to approach & undeniably the best in the industry.”


Done! Signed out Successfully