Why is GUDSHO the best Vimeo Alternative for Video Streaming?

GUDSHO is designed to deliver 4K on-demand and live streaming videos hassle-free directly to viewers across devices.

Platform API

Play all of your GUDSHO videos on any website, blog, or platform of yours with easy API integrations. Amplify user traction & viewership from diverse sources.

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Video Marketing Toolkit

Want to make your videos go viral? From metadata optimization to social sharing, video embedding, and more—drive in popularity for all your content, earning 10X more.

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360° Video Analytics

Measure & monitor video/ channel performance with intelligent analytics. Market based on channel insights from easy dashboards and smart metrics.

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Unlimited Video Hosting

Don’t worry about hefty video hosting and storage costs. We offer the most optimal and secure video hosting and storage services for video files of any size and picture quality.

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Special Screening

We let you screen privately to that special few. Stream movies, films, or tutorials to selected audiences by offering them premium access to your content.

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24/7 Tech Support

We’ve got you covered 24*7. With the fastest TATs in the industry, our customer support team is available round-the-clock for help with channel creation, video upload and monetization.

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Monetize 5+ Ways. Earn Even Better.

Discover the top Vimeo alternative platform with rewarding revenue models to make the most of your video content no matter the niche.


Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)

Set monthly/ annual subscription plans & earn rewarding passive income better than ever.

Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD)

Rent out premium videos for specific access windows & make revenue per-video basis.


Bulk Video Series

Club videos of the same style, genre, or artist and sell access for a flat rate right from your channel.


Collect monetary/ passion funding from viewers who love your work and video content.


World’s Most Secure Video Platform

We've created a safe and secure space for video-first businesses. Your channel and content is immune from digital threats.

Secure Cloud Storage

GUDSHO offers top-notch video hosting and cloud storage capabilities that you can fully rely on with 100% access control and ownership.

AES Encryption

All your video content is protected end-to-end with symmetric encryption, denying access to unauthorized users and piracy acts of any kind.

SSL/TLS Encrypted Paywall

We ensure only users with a successful payment transaction or valid subscription can access the paid content on your channel placed behind a paywall.

Robust Firewall

Malicious attacks of any kind are blocked by a rigid firewall that safeguards video content from data breach, theft, and other malicious activities.


Make videos available only to those intended. Easily whitelist/ blacklist countries based on streaming rights, intended audience base, etc.

Screen Recording Prevention

Your viewers cannot screen capture or record your videos on GUDSHO mobile apps. Stream without the fear of content theft from offline viewing.

Why Video Businesses Choose GUDSHO Over Vimeo?

Top reasons why video businesses migrate from Vimeo to GUDSHO.

Category vimeo gudsho
Content Managment Only browser-based transmission is available. Multiple methods for file transfer including browser, FTP and server-to-server
Content Storing Limit Videos that do not receive at least 100 views get deleted Store any number of videos
Monetization Have to pay extra for monetization options ($1/subscriber) Monetization options with every pricing plan without additional charges
Video CDN They do not disclose CDN’s name Global and instant reach with Akamai CDN
Live Streaming Live streaming only on premium plans Live streaming available regardless of the plan you choose
Support Additional charges for customer support Receive 24/7 support without any additional cost
Support restricted in some countries like China & Indonesia Support without geographic restrictions

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