Why Choose GUDSHO?

See how GUDSHO expands engagements & better monetizes videos.

Seamless Video Hosting & Storage

Use the GUDSHO pay-per-view platform to upload, store, transcode, and stream videos. Reach any screen across the world.


Stream and monetize your live exclusive content — webinars, events, concerts & dramas — to a global audience easily

Global Content Distribution Network

Deliver flawless, buttery-smooth, buffer-free streams to viewers across countries and continents with global CDNs.

Advanced Video Analytics

Understand the pulse of your audience — how they interact, what they watch, and corresponding earnings with analytics.

Simple And Efficient Pay-Per-View Platform

We’ve made it simple to start your video journey from scratch with GUDSHO,with a step-by-step guide.

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Quick Channel Creation

Create your video channel in 5 minutes — go live or stream content instantly.


Easy, Unlimited Upload

Upload any number of videos of any size across formats to your channel.


Effortless Distribution

Share your videos anywhere across the web instantly with an embed code


Earn Revenue

Target unlimited niches and audiences — earn up to 10X more revenue with GUDSHO.

Everything You Need To Start a PPV Video Streaming Experience

This is how GUDSHO PPV lets you earn

pay per view live streaming

PPV Live Stream

Engage fans in real time with PPV live streaming. Go live in seconds and monetize your events — be it concerts, conferences, or workshops almost instantly. Schedule live event countdown, allow pre-booking of live events, and collect donations from fans — do it all with one PPV platform.

 video on demand streaming

PPV Videos on-demand

Monetize your content library effortlessly with on-demand PPV. Earn revenue from your videos long after they're published. Offer exclusive access to premium content and extract more out of every video with 6 different monetization models. Reach more viewers with a built-in video marketing toolkit.

PPV special screening

Special Screening

Show it before the world sees it, invite and bring your special ones to the show and dedicate an exclusive red carpet screening of your special videos or the entire set of videos from your channel with specially generated unique URLs sent via email. Create an exciting especial lasting experience with GUDSHO.

 lead generation

Lead Generation

Leverage the power of video to generate high-quality leads. Captivate your audience with compelling content, then capture their information with lead forms seamlessly integrated into your videos. Nurture leads through targeted follow-up content and turn viewers into loyal customers.

video api

Embed Anywhere

Reach more viewers with video embedding. Share your content across websites, blogs, and social media platforms with a simple code snippet. Increase visibility and engagement by embedding videos directly into your online presence. Drive traffic back to your platform with frictionless sharing.

geo restrictions

Geo Restrictions

Protect your content with tailored PPV restrictions. Implement geo-restrictions to comply with licensing agreements and target specific markets effectively. Use URL tokenization and time-limited video access to ensure your videos reach only the authorized viewers. Build a solid brand equity with GUDSHO.

pay per view live streaming
video on demand streaming
PPV special screening
video api
geo restrictions
geo restrictions

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Advanced PPV Streaming Features Made Simple

Turn your live video streams into success stories with GUDSHO's robust features

HLS Player

Elevate your streaming experience with the HLS player. Deliver high-quality video playback across devices for an immersive viewing experience.

Monetize Live Streams

Transform your live events into profitable revenue streams with effective monetization strategies. Make more from money every broadcast.

Video Scheduling

Stay organized and consistent in your content delivery with scheduling tools. Plan, publish, and promote videos easily for maximum engagement.

Bundle Live Videos

Keep your viewers engaged with compelling bundles of live videos. Offer value-packed content packages to attract and retain subscribers.

Security & Privacy

Safeguard your content and sensitive data with AES 256, SSL & geo-restrictions. Get 360° protection of your assets to build audience trust.

What Kind of Content Can be Monetized on GUDSHO?

Make good revenue from a wide umbrella of video assets across niches.

Live Events

Live Events

Live Events

Engage, monetize, profit. Maximize revenue with our easy-to-use platform for live events.

Educational Content

Educational Content

Educational Content

Empower your Educational content and monetize it with our lucrative plans




Monetize your captivating content and reach millions, with our pay-per-view solutions

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and Wellness

Transform your exclusive workouts and wellness programs into a profitable venture

Music Events

Music Events

Music Events

Take Concerts and music experiences to new heights and generate revenue globally




Turn your engaging vlogs into revenue-generating assets with monetization plans effectively.

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