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Make Strategic Decisions with GUDSHO’s Advanced Analytics

Capture an overall picture of in-depth video stats that drive meaningful tweaks to your channel & content.

All-in-1 Dashboard

Monitor and analyze video performance in a single view with metrics that speak of your engagement and revenue.

Track Viewer Behavior

Trace viewer patterns and engagement on every piece of content to understand your community's likes and interests.

Graph Your Revenue

Draw a holistic image of how your revenue influx is, which video sells more, and income patterns in full, on a monthly/ yearly basis.

Measure & Accelerate Channel Performance

Grow your video biz in a systematic manner with metrics that deliver valuable stats for channel improvisations.

Monitor Page Visits

Improvise and innovate your marketing efforts in a strategic workflow by measuring the visibility of your channel and the number of visits it receives in a day.

View Channel Followers

Quantify your channel’s popularity via follower count. Analyze how you can optimize video offerings to grow your network of audiences.

Audit Engagement Rates

Gauge the amount of clicks and interactions users have had with your content and channel, in terms of both video and social engagements.

Track Gross Revenue

Tally the total sum of money generated from different revenue streams — subscriptions, pay-per-view, and donations from followers on your channel.

Assess Location Metrics

Find out which country/ region your channel receives the most follower traffic from and in what measure to tweak your offerings based on geography.

Capture Your Content’s Activity Timeline

Every single detail surrounding the success of your video is at play in Gudho’s video analytics.

View Total Plays

Focus on content styles and genres that have received the most plays in a particular period of time from numbers that reveal the total plays per video.

Figure Average Watchtime

Learn which video performs the best and which does not by comprehending the average duration a user spends on your content.

Analyze Social Shares

Social visibility is highly crucial for any creative business, and, on GUDSHO, get stats on the number of times your content has been liked and shared to social forums.

Forecast Video Revenue & Growth

Gather statistical information on everyday earnings, month-on-month revenue influx, geo-specific profits, etc to understand how far you are in reaching your monetary goals.

Calculate Recurring Income

Find out how much you have billed your subscribers a particular month, new signups and the plans that sold faster than the others.

Estimate Revenue per Video

Discover the total monetary benefits you’ve received from each of your videos independently on monetizing on the pay-per-view basis.

Aggregate Donation Payments

Gather insights about the various monetary donations you have received from your follower community in a week or month’s time.

Explore What’s Lined Up Next in Your Video Journey!

Check out how your videos flow through the various stages in delivering your creative best to the world.

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