How to Initialize Voice Calling in Android Apps with MirrorFly SDKs

How to Initialize Voice Calling in Android Apps with MirrorFly SDKs

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Utilize this concise video guide to integrate calling feature using call SDK on Android applications in 20 minutes.

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  • Sai

    Dec 28, 2023

    Well explained how to integrate sdk and step by step process.

About “How to Initialize Voice Calling in Android Apps with MirrorFly SDKs”

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In this video, we will initialize the SDK to introduce a voice calling feature and set up a call activity for making, receiving, answering, declining and disconnecting a voice call using a powered SDK. Hope you all find it resourceful!

In this video, 

00: 01 Introducing MirrorFly 

00:17 Overview on audio/video call SDK integration for android apps in 20 minutes  

00:40 Briefing key requirements like SDK license key, API credentials

1:30 Starting the process of integrating Call SDK 

4:10 Then, initialize SDK for Calls

5:31 Deploy user registration method 

6:49 Connect to the chat server

7:14 Observe Connection events

8:09 Initialize Call SDK 

10:02 Set up your call activity  

11:25 Make a call 

11:35 Check required runtime permissions

13:16 Make a voice call 

14:48 Receive a call 

15:05 Answer the call 

15:45 Decline the call 

16:06 Disconnect the ongoing call 

17:18 Run a simple demo 

18:20 The call functionality is integrated successfully

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