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Android App | Configure Calling Features using SDK

Android App | Configure Calling Features using SDK

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  • 3m 24s
  • 2022
  • All

Explore this short demo video to integrate modern calling features on Android apps using our built-in SDK.

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About “Android App | Configure Calling Features using SDK”

Make the most of this precise tutorial to configure the calling feature on your app. From answer, to decline and disconnect calls, uncover the nuances of implementing enriched functionalities for your Android app.

  • In this video,
  • 00:02 Make a call
  • 00:08 Required runtime permissions
  • 00:28 Check audio call permissions
  • 00:52 Voice call configuration
  • 01:59 Configuration for call receive
  • 02:38 Configuration for answering calls
  • 03:13 Configuration for declining calls
  • 03:40 Configuration for disconnecting ongoing call

For more information on getting started with MirrorFly Android call integration? please visithttps://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/audio-video/android/quick-start for further assistance

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