Somewhere in the Milky Way (animation, short, 2021)

Somewhere in the Milky Way (animation, short, 2021)

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Mariya PyterbyMariya Pyter

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Somewhere in the Milky Way (Animation) is about Astronaut Dr. Arney waking from sleep to be trapped in her spaceship! A shocking secret lurks within. Can she escape the claustrophobic confines and survive?... Read More

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About “Somewhere in the Milky Way (animation, short, 2021)”

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Awakening from hibernation, seasoned astronaut Dr. Arney faces a harrowing predicament: she's trapped inside her spaceship. As she navigates the confines of her vessel in search of an exit, Dr. Arney is in for a shocking revelation that will test her courage and resourcefulness like never before.

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