Danny Danielle (short, 2018)

Danny Danielle (short, 2018)

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Mariya PyterbyMariya Pyter

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Danny Danielle (Short Film) is a powerful story of change. Trapped in the wrong, Danny's self is exposed. Rejected by family, seeks solace in darkness. But hope blooms. Can he embrace his identity & acceptance?

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About “Danny Danielle (short, 2018)”

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Danny was caught by his my in her closet - in her clothes - and her pearls. Cast out by his family he struggled to reconcile his inside identity, with his outside. At first he tried to squash his spirit with drugs. Through care he was able to blossom into the beautiful female he always was. Only to return home and discover the person who understood him the least, he was the most like.

—Diane Lansing, Writer

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