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  • 1h
  • 2023
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The video allows some individuals to receive and experience the healing energies of Goddess. We do not provide any guarantees but we welcome you to try this with an open mind.... Read More

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No Ratings yet

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About “GODDESS 1”

#Goddess #Healing #Energies

Some guidelines for playing this video:

  1. Please sit down in a comfortable position or lie down. It is best if you are in a quiet room by yourself without any music in the background.

  2. These are the healing energies of Goddess that you will receive.

  3. These energies are for a single individual.

  4. It is totally okay if you experience burps, yawning or even if you fall asleep.

  5. This video can be played once every four hours.

  6. There is no restriction on how many days in a week you choose to experience these energies.

Disclaimer: What each person experiences varies from person to person. There are no guarantees.

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