"22" (short documentary, 2023)

"22" (short documentary, 2023)

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Mariya PyterbyMariya Pyter

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When their special needs child ages out of the system, the Braga family creates "Bear-O Care," a haven for forgotten adults. "22" is a heartfelt look at challenges families face and a fight for a brighter future for all.... Read More

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About “"22" (short documentary, 2023)”

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“22” is the story of the Braga family from Utah, who created a unique facility named “Bear-O Care” for children with multiple special needs who have aged out of the system and are no longer eligible to participate in this publicly funded special education program or were rejected from other facilities due to severity of their condition. Film explores the system currently set in place for special needs children in the United States, its flaws, and possible solutions for parents and caretakers that will help to continue fulfill social, educational and developmental needs of their adult child after they cross the 22 year old mark.

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