The Dead are Silent (short, based on book, ver. 2021)

The Dead are Silent (short, based on book, ver. 2021)

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Mariya PyterbyMariya Pyter

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Infidelity takes a deadly turn. "The Dead Are Silent” is a film on a cheating wife, her husband, and her lover on a fateful car ride. Love, betrayal, and death collide in suspense. Will secrets be buried... or exposed?... Read More

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About “The Dead are Silent (short, based on book, ver. 2021)”

#short #thriller #horror

When Emma’s love affair is threatened to be revealed, she is forced to commit a murder of her passionate lover. Will her husband be able to uncover the devastating details of her actions? Described by director Mariya Pyter (“22”, “Taste to be Wicked”, “On the way to Lovetown”) as “captivating thriller about the body language of guilt”, “The dead are silent” is a film-noir, set in 1950s, based on a classic story by Austrian author and dramatist Arthur Schnitzler and brought to life in collaboration with our Director of photography Glen  D. Miller (“Titanic”, “Dogma”).

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