Cigar Aficionado Top Yearly Picks For Past 20 Years

Cigar Aficionado Top Yearly Picks For Past 20 Years

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The list of the past 20 'Cigar of the Year' winners, as chosen by Cigar Aficionado.

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About “Cigar Aficionado Top Yearly Picks For Past 20 Years”

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Dive into the world of premium cigars with our latest video 🎥, where we unveil the crème de la crème of tobacco craftsmanship from the past two decades. 💨 Cigar Aficionado magazine has been the leading authority in cigar reviews and ratings, and now, we're bringing their most celebrated selections directly to you. Join us as we explore the highest-rated cigars that have transcended mere smoke to become legends. ✨ From the robust flavors of a timeless classic to the delicate complexity of modern masterpieces, discover what makes these stogies stand out in the hearts of connoisseurs worldwide. 📢 Don't forget to hit LIKE 👍, SUBSCRIBE 🔔, and SHARE this video with fellow enthusiasts to keep the legacy of great cigars burning bright. 🔥 Chapters in this video: 00:00 Introduction 00:46 Best Cigar of 2004 01:10 Best Cigar of 2005 01:33 Best Cigar of 2006 01:54 Best Cigar of 2007 02:17 Best Cigar of 2008 02:36 Best Cigar of 2009 03:02 Best Cigar of 2010 03:24 Best Cigar of 2011 03:45 Best Cigar of 2012 04:09 Best Cigar of 2013 04:35 Best Cigar of 2014 04:59 Best Cigar of 2015 05:29 Best Cigar of 2016 05:51 Best Cigar of 2017 06:11 Best Cigar of 2018 06:37 Best Cigar of 2019 07:02 Best Cigar of 2020 07:26 Best Cigar of 2021 07:49 Best Cigar of 2022 08:11 Best Cigar of 2023 08:44 Fun Facts Join us in celebrating the heritage and indulgence of the finest cigars ever crafted. Light up your passion with us and embrace the sophisticated pleasure that only a top-tier cigar can offer. 🥃💨 #CigarAficionado #TopCigars #LuxuryLifestyle #CigarReview #TobaccoConnoisseur #CigarLife #CigarWorld #PremiumCigars #cigarculture #CigarReview #CigarLove #StogieTime #SmokeEmIfYouGotEm #CigarLife #PuffPuffPass #Herf #CigarOfTheDay #CigarAficionado #FullBodySmoke #CigarPairing #RelaxingSmoke #HandCraftedCigars #LuxuryCigar #SupportSmallBusiness #CigarCommunity #UnderratedCigar #CigarKnowledge #NewCigarReview #WeekendSmoke #PSSITA #BOTL #SOTL