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Aval Appadithan 2 (Malayalam)

Aval Appadithan 2 (Malayalam)

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  • 1h 26m 54s
  • 2023
  • All

Aval Appadithan 2 is an Award-Winning Tamil Feature Movie by Ra. Mu. Chidambaram about how a woman fights patriarchy to break barriers. Watch this full movie, now streaming on GUDSHO. ... Read More

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About “Aval Appadithan 2 (Malayalam)”

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Aval Appadithan 2 is an inspiring journey of an empowering female lead. Managing both professional and personal life, know how the lead navigates whatever life throws at her with respect and dignity. But it all turns topsy one night when she doesn't return home after work. Where did she go? What happened that night? How did her husband react to it? Is she okay? And to know more answers to all these questions that lead to an intriguing climax block, watch the full movie online on GUDSHO. Aval Appadithan 2 will leave you with a deep admiration and a desire to celebrate a woman's indomitable spirit when they decide to live a life they desire, without any bounds.

Aval Appadithan 2 Cast And Crew

Starring Sneha Parthibaraja, Syed Abdagir, and more!

Written & Directed by Ra. Mu. Chidambaram

Production House: Yun Flicks

Produced By: Syed Abdagir

Music Director: Arvindh Siddartha

Cinematographer: Vedha Selvam

Editor: S P Ahmed

Art Director: T. Subramanian

Genre: Social Drama

Duration: 01 hour 26 minutes

Languages: Tamil, Hindi, English, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu

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