How to Build a Complete OTT Platform in Just 4 Days?

How to Build a Complete OTT Platform in Just 4 Days?

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  • 2024

Learn how to build a complete OTT platform from the ground up in just 4 days in this video. Learn where to get started, how to customize your platform, add integrations, etc. in this video.

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About β€œHow to Build a Complete OTT Platform in Just 4 Days?”

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Wondering if you could launch an OTT platform in 4 days? You certainly can with VPlayed.😯

Launch a fully customized OTT platform (not an OTT app or a video streaming channel) that you completely own in just 4 days.
We know it’s hard to believe β€” because most promises are easier said than done. 

So, we made this video to break down how we build your OTT platform and get it up and running in just 4 days, ready to launch. 

Learn how we do the following things πŸ‘‡

00:07 - Requirements Gathering

00:21 - Customize Your OTT Platform

00:33 - Choose Features and Functionalities

00:58 - Customizable HTML5 Video Player

01:12 - Digital Rights Management & Content Security
01:26 - 10+ Monetization Models

01:37 - Add OTT Analytics to Track Video Performance

01:47 - Integrate with Your Favorite Apps

02:07 - Deploy Platform as Mobile and TV apps

02:33 - What does VPlayed offer to you?

Your platform is built and ready to launch.
Let's get your content out there for the world to see! πŸš€



πŸš€ Learn How To Launch Your OTT Platform in 4 Days with a 30-Min Demo:


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