Initialize iOS Push Notifications Using APNs | MirrorFly Chat SDK

Initialize iOS Push Notifications Using APNs | MirrorFly Chat SDK

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With APNs & VoIP certifications, know how to start sending push notifications on iOS chat apps using MirrorFly SDKs.

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About “Initialize iOS Push Notifications Using APNs | MirrorFly Chat SDK”

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Learn how to configure iOS push notifications on chat using MirrorFly SDKs. Generate the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) & VoIP certificates, a notification service by Apple, and upload them into the MirrorFly console to enable push messages on iOS chat. In easy steps, trigger timely notifications to your receiver base, keep them updated, and heighten your iOS chat app’s business and conversion potential 10X more.

Refer to our docs for assistance on generating APNs & VoIP certification.

🕐 TimeStamps:

(00:21) Upload APNs & VoIP certificates in the MirrorFly console
(01:17) Integrate push notifications in iOS chat
(02:16) Enable Background Mode capabilities
(02:23) Enable Group container ID
(03:00) Process push notification request
(05:41) Run the application on a simulator/ plugged-in device
(05:52) Accept notification permission
(05:59) Demo for sending push messages
(06:02) Register & login the user

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