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Deploy Chat to Web Apps with React UIKit SDK

Deploy Chat to Web Apps with React UIKit SDK

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  • 7m 1s
  • 2023
  • All

Web Apps built with React? Use our Chat UIKit SDK to create enhanced instant messaging experiences on your web apps.

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About “Deploy Chat to Web Apps with React UIKit SDK”


Integrate UIKit Chat SDK on Web apps built on React. This dev kit enables you to personalize chat or messaging experience for Web apps.

In this video, 

00: 01 Introducing MirrorFly 

00:10 Overview on integrating chat via SDK UIKit in react platform   

00:48 Briefing basic requirements like SDK license key 

1:32 Starting the process of chat SDK integration for React

1:36 Create a new React project or open existing project

2:41 Open terminal, install MirrorFly UIkit with commands & verify dependencies

3:24 Import the ChatApp component from  MirrorFly-UIkit package in node modules

3:39 Import bundles form MirrorFly-UIkit package in node modules

4:21 Paste the License key in chat app component 

4:29 And paste the copied API Url in chat app component

4:42 Run the application in browser 

4:58 Select the users you wish to start to chat, enter your message to send 

5:00 Send your first message successfully & personalize your interface 

5:25 Initialize custom chat conversation 

6:29 Import Web SDK methods

6:43 Intialize chat conversation for single or group chat successfully 

For more information on getting started with MirrorFly chat integration using UIKit SDK, please visit 


Other useful links:

Android Chat SDK: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/chat/android/quick-start

iOS Chat SDK: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/chat/ios/quick-start

UIKit Android & Java Docs: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/UIKit/overview

Voice & Video call SDKs: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/audio-video/overview

Tech support:https://console.mirrorfly.com/raise-ticket