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Amerindia FilmsbyAmerindia Films

  • 1h 30m 3s
  • 2023
  • Suitable For Adult Audience

Pelicano is an emotional Spanish Movie from Gustavo Letelier. Dwelling between desires and delight of a woman in her 60s, know what happens when a decision jeopardizes her family. Disclaimer: Suitable for Adult Audience.... Read More

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#Pelicano #SpanishMovie #AwardWinningFilm

Blending the lines between fantasy and fiction, Pelicano is an Award-Winning Spanish Movie, adapted from August Strindberg's classic play  – packed with all the drama you'd expect, but without going completely overboard is what makes it an engaging watch.

This emotional drama delves into the life and psyche that arises when a woman in her 60’s desires for adventures that might matter to the whole – pushing the boundaries and risking the foundation of her family’s cohesion, making a compelling mystery laden movie.

In Pelicano, you'll be drawn into the lives of a family faltering on the brink of ruin. Their story unfolds with a perfect blend of intensity and intent, keeping you on the edge of your seat without overwhelming your senses. Gustavo Letelier's storytelling skills are on full display as he weaves an emotionally charged and thought-provoking narrative.

Will this family find redemption, or is their fate sealed in tragedy? What secrets lie beneath the surface, and how far will they go to preserve their legacy? Whoever the lady in this movie does, will it be justifiable and gone through?

This Chilean arthouse movie – highly awarded on International Film Festivals – assures a cinematic viewing experience that leaves you pondering and might start discussing morality, liberation, desires, and more. 

Are you ready to watch a riveting drama of raw emotions, gripping storytelling, and unforgettable characters? Streaming on GUDSHO, this Spanish feature film invites you to step into a world where the line between love and desire blurs and how their choices can shape their destiny.  Watch this mesmerizing Chilean movie online and leave a review of your thoughts.

Pelicano Cast & Crew

Original Play: August Strindberg
Adaptation & Screenplay: Gustavo Letelier 
Direction: Gustavo Letelier
Produced by Gustavo Letelier & Ana Belén Asfura
Exec. Producers: Francisco Cavieres, Pablo Ávila Champin, Boris Varela
Co-Producer: Carlos Montaño
Cinematographer: Cristián Ávila
Art Direction: Betsabe Gatica, Catalina Ortega & Fernanda Galaz
Sound: Karla Marchant & Gustavo Gallegos
Postproduction Supervisor: Francisco Cavieres
Editing: Gustavo Letelier & Pablo Ávila Champin
Editing Assistant: José Ignacio Bustos
Music: Gustavo Letelier
Music Produced & Performed: Pablo Ávila Champin
VFX: Pablo Ávila Champin & Gonzalo Uribe
Production Company: Amerindia Films (Chile)
Co-Producers: Carburo Films (México), Suimanga Films (Chile/Canadá), Bova Producciones (Chile)

Disclaimer: Rated R Movie [Recommended for 18+ viewers]

Contact Details


56  9 6626 7903