Decoding Flutter’s Dominance for Chat App Development in 2024 | Webinar

Decoding Flutter’s Dominance for Chat App Development in 2024 | Webinar

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Discover the power of Flutter in the chat app development landscape of 2024 and beyond with insights from our recent webinar. Also learn how MirrorFly eases chat integration for Flutter apps across verticals.

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About “Decoding Flutter’s Dominance for Chat App Development in 2024 | Webinar”

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      Our recent LIVE webinar “Chat App Mastery: Embracing Flutter's Dominance in 2024 Development Landscape” conducted on Mar 20th, was highly informative on all fronts and explored the nuances of building your chat app with Flutter and how MirrorFly eases in-app chat integration for Flutter-powered apps across verticals. Also, get to know how Flutter's single codebase and cross-platform capabilities will dominate the chat app development realm in the years to come. 

Our Senior Product Manager, Pugal Subramanian covers,

(04:28) Surging demand for chat features across apps

(05:44) Flutter Vs Cross-platform frameworks

(10:31) The Flutter timeline

(15:34) Flutter's adoption in chat app development

(18:02) Challenges & perks of Flutter for chat

(23:01) Key reasons for Flutter's rise in 2024

(26:27) Successful apps built with Flutter

(28:39) Flutter development trends in 2024

(31:21) Fluttering towards tomorrow: 2024 for app owners

(33:38) Why MirrorFly for building Flutter chat app

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