Android Chat App Integration using MirrorFly SDK

Android Chat App Integration using MirrorFly SDK

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Make the most of this live demo to effectively integrate and deploy chat experiences on Android apps.

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About “Android Chat App Integration using MirrorFly SDK”

Engineered with robust API & SDK Integrations, MirrorFly enables developers to build full-blown chat experiences on apps effortlessly. Take advantage of this live coding tutorial to foster developer-friendly Android chat deployments.

In this video:

  • 00:03 - Open MirrorFly Docs
  • 00:12 - Download chat SDK from MirrorFly Docs
  • 00:53 - Copy your unique license key
  • 01:04 - Integrate chat SDK
  • 01:15 - Open the downloaded SDK
  • 01:26 - Add the required libraries for the SDK

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For more information on getting started with MirrorFly Android integration, please visit for further assistance.

Need help implementing chat? Reach out to our tech support team here -

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