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Shining Moon Director's Cut

Shining Moon Director's Cut

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Amerindia FilmsbyAmerindia Films

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  • 1h 45m 58s
  • 2023
  • Suitable For Adult Audience

Award Winning Movie "Shining Moon" by Gustavo Letelier is a moving tale of an aspiring actor who has to conquer his fears – both on and off the screen. Will he find the calmness he needs?

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About “Shining Moon Director's Cut”

#Movie #Shinningmoon #lgbt

Shining Moon is a heartwarming Spanish movie about Renato, an aspiring actor with big dreams and a secret he's kept hidden from the world. His life takes an unexpected turn when he's offered the role of a lifetime in a feature film, but there's a catch – he must transform into an elderly drag queen. Will he succeed in this tale?

As Renato steps into the shoes of his alter ego, he undertakes a remarkable journey. He must confront his deepest fears and prejudices, not only about the world of drag but also about himself. What begins as a challenge quickly becomes a path to self-discovery and understanding.

This Award Winning Spanish feature movie by Gustavo Letelier is a moving tale of transformation and acceptance. Renato's story resonates with anyone who has ever struggled to clasp their true self and confront societal norms. It's a reminder that sometimes, the deepest roles we play are the ones that change us from the inside out.

Will Renato find the strength to fully welcome his role, both on and off the screen? Can he overcome the obstacles and prejudices that stand in his way? And, ultimately, will this journey of self-discovery lead him to a more promising, more precise life?

Uncover the answers in Shining Moon Director’s Cut, a film that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you contemplating life's most important questions. As Shining Moon is now streaming on GUDSHO Video, watch online and support this soulful film.  And don’t forget to leave a movie review if you’ve loved watching the Shining Moon movie.

Shining Moon’s Cast & Crew

Based On The Play “Luna Tu Eres Mi Sol” By Jose Yovane

Starring : Ricardo Herrera, Pablo Sotomayor Prat, and others

Direction: Gustavo Letelier

Screenplay: Gustavo Letelier & Victoria Wharfe

Producers: Rodrigo Riquelme, Lee Warren, Gustavo Letelier, Ana Belen Asfura

Music: Gustavo Letelier & Leo Delibes

Cinematography: Felipe Miranda

Editing: Gustavo Letelier

Music Production: Fabian Callay

Art Direction: Alejandra Hernandez & Carolina Ovalle

Co-Producers: Estudio Integral De Arte

With The Support Of Fundacion Cultural Amerindia & Teatro Azul Violeta

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Disclaimer: Rated R Movie [Recommended for 18+ viewers]

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