Build Voice, Video and Chat using MirrorFly SDK for iOS

Build Voice, Video and Chat using MirrorFly SDK for iOS

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Follow this quickstart demo to build powerful voice, video and chat experiences on iOS apps across niches.

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About “Build Voice, Video and Chat using MirrorFly SDK for iOS”

Fuelled by in-app chat APIs & SDKs, MirrorFly powers robust development of native experiences on your iOS app in a flash.

Aid an easy and efficient way of implementation both on client-side as well as on the server-side with robust iOS SDKs for leveraging enhanced in-app chat functionalities into your app for better user experience on apps.In this video, you will also get to understand the nuanced details of effective integrations especially on the lines of the following:

  1. The MirrorFly iOS framework
  2. SDK integration of chat, voice and video experiences
  3. Chat server configuration
  4. Sandbox registration mechanism
  5. UI customization techniques

using the iOS MirrorFly SDK sample.

Start building right away for free with the in-app conversational advantage across niches.


In this video:

  • 00:33 - Copy your license key
  • 01:01 - Download chat SDK for iOS
  • 04:21 - Configure SDK & server data
  • 04:50 - Initialize chat SDK
  • 06:48 - Sandbox user registration
  • 12:56 - Send message configuration
  • 13:50 - Receive message configuration
  • 15:17 - Send sample message

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For more information on getting started with MirrorFly iOS integration, please visit for further assistance.

Furthermore, if you ever need help implementing chat on your iOS apps, reach out to us at, we’d help you take this journey further.

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