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Multiple Monetization Models

Your audience can subscribe to become a member and watch all of your contents, or they can just pay per content at a time.


Geo-fencing Capability

GudSho supports region-specific access. You can block out other regions, out of your interest to restrict them from streaming your channel.


Copyrights Protection (Gotta Rewrite)

GudSho helps you protect your content base against online piracy with the best-in-class DRM in place.

You focus on the Film Festival, we will handle the streaming for you.

A dedicated video monetization platform to stream Film Festival online

Stream Everywhere

  • No limitation to the locality of your viewers. You can stream your Film Festival listings from your channel on GudSho. Get your content across to people anywhere to let them take joy in your creation for an entry fee.

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Monetize Your Viewership

  • You can monetize on the basis of your existing or new audience across the globe via multiple monetization models (SVOD or TVOD)

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Film Festival Streaming

Expand Your Business

  • If you might be only interested in conducting a Film Festival online to multiply your revenue and take it up to the next level. Then the best option would be to stream your pictures on your own channel.

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Connect with Indie Film Lovers

  • You have plenty of viewers seeking the Indie film genre, tap into that. With the platform support of GudSho, you can get in on that with ease and see profit as well. Connect with the desired audience for your content and see a community build up from it.

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Take Your Film Festival To The Global Audience With Ease

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