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Take Your Movie Premieres to a Million Screens with GUDSHO

Get your film festivals all the name and fame it deserves with a classic movie streaming platform that eases hosting, monetizing, and popularizing your movie carnival on a larger-than-life podium.

Launch a Branded Movie Channel

Kickstart delivering cinematic excellence via a dedicated channel solely to stream your film festivals to the world. Host your event on a fully-featured and monetizable OTT platform in its entirety.

Distribute Unlimited Film Festivals

Organizing and running a virtual festival to millions across the globe has never been this easy and cost-effective. Digital distribute a number of seasonal premiers of different genres at scale.

Monetize on Your Own Terms

Gain a monetary benefit from your screenings by eticketing via pay-per-view, selling a complete movie subscription online, engaging your sponsors, or accepting donations from audiences.

How GUDSHO Backs Film Event Organizers?

Showcase work from creators across the world in an all new light to a viewer base that loves exceptional cinema with features that amplifies engagement and revenue.

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Festival ManagementManage Your Event

From ideation to screening the entries, hosting your film submissions on a dedicated channel with breezy management and content categorizing is completely taken care of to make your event a success.

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Drag & Drop Upload

Be it feature or indie films, documentaries, stage plays, or animes, instantly drag and drop your entries to your own online festival library from where you can stream at ease.

Movie Partner Portal

Manage creator access, and content from different contributors, its screenings, the corresponding revenue, all in one place with a studio setup on our movie partner portal.

Schedule Your Premiers

Plan and schedule when and how long your videos should run based on the licensing period and the duration of your festivals with fuss-free scheduling options.

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Analyze the Revenue Influx of Your Film Carnival

Grasp a complete picture of all your monetary incomings from your film festival on a single dashboard.

Global Movie-Premiere Revenue

Track how much you earn from each region/ country for each of your movie distribution premieres.

Recurring Income
on Each Content

Explore the rate at which visitors are turning into subscribers through engaging content.

Subscriber Lifetime

On offering festivals via subscriptions, measure how long your audiences stay signed up.

Donations Received from Movie Lovers

Get to know where your passion fund is coming from and fans you’re heartfully thankful to.

Keep Entertaining Your Audience!
Content Security
Is Taken Care Of!

  • Anonymous Proxy Detection
  • Forensic Watermarking
  • Concurrent Streaming Detection
  • Device Restriction & Management
  • 256b Bank-Level Encryption
  • Detect User Account Sharing
  • AES Video Encryption
  • Compatibility With Multiple DRM

A Video Platform Designed to Monetize Film Festivals GREAT Again!

GUDSHO gives you a fully engaging and intuitive platform accessorized with everything you need to run an incredible film fiesta.

  • Stream Movies to Specific Regions

  • Offer Special Screening

  • Allow Audiences to Rate & Review

  • Sell e-Tickets for Seasonal Film Festivals

Seek Higher Monetization Outcomes to Sell Movies

Take with you the entire monetary earnings of your virtual film festival via a number of rewarding revenue models.

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