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Is Your Video Safe? YouTube Removes 9 Million Videos

YouTube released a report on how it enforces its community guidelines, revealing some surprising statistics for the October-December 2023 period. Let’s break it down:

So, YouTube took down 9 million videos worldwide for violating norms and removed content that violates their Community Guidelines. Here’s a list of countries in which most videos were removed: 

  • India: 2,254,902
  • Singapore: 1,243,871
  • United States: 788,354
  • Indonesia: 770,157
  • Russia: 516,629

This step taken by YouTube could have a positive impact in trying to build and sustain a platform that ticks all the right boxes.

Machines Did The Most Work

As many as 96% of these videos were flagged by automated systems, meaning machines did the heavy lifting of identifying potentially offensive content. This highlights YouTube’s growing trust in technology to patrol its platform.

Amidst those, over half (51%) of the removed videos never received a single view. This suggests that YouTube’s automated systems catch inappropriate content before reaching audiences.

Another 26% only got a handful of views (0-10), indicating swift action to the videos. 

Why Were Videos Removed?

Youtube video removed

Nearly 40% fell under the “dangerous or harmful” category. This could include anything from hate speech to threats of violence. Another primary concern was child safety, with 32% of removals related to protecting children on the platform.

Here are the reasons that raked on top with the videos’ count:

  • Harmful or Dangerous: 3.5M
  • Child Safety: 2.9M
  • Violent or Graphic: 670K
  • Nudity or Sexual: 490K
  • Harassment & Cyberbullying: 440K

Thankfully, only a tiny percentage (7.5%) involved violence or pornography. Hope people understand the dire consequences. When a video gets flagged, YouTube’s global review teams jump in. They assess the content against their community guidelines and take one of three actions: complete removal, age restriction (for content unsuitable for all ages), or leave it live if it complies with the rules.

Even Channels Got Removed Too

This strike wasn’t just limited to videos – they also took down entire channels under YouTube Channel Suspension if they repeatedly violated guidelines. Over 20 million channels were removed in the last quarter!

  • Spam and misleading content account for 92.8% of channel terminations. This way, the platform is protected. 
  • Sexual content and misinformation were also reasons for channel removal but at much lower percentages.

This report sheds light on YouTube’s efforts to maintain a safe and secure platform for everyone. Below is the volume of channels removed by YouTube along with the reason on why the action was taken by the streaming giant:

youtube channel

While machines are doing much of the heavy lifting, human reviewers still play a crucial role in ensuring content adheres to the YouTube community guidelines that are to be followed.

Why Did YouTube Remove Millions of Videos?

YouTube went on a cleaning spree, removing millions of videos for violating their safety rules. Here are the top-most reasons that made YouTube make the choice:

  1. Harmful Content (40%): This includes scary threats, hateful messages, and anything that could put someone at risk.
  1. Protecting Kids (32%): YouTube takes safety seriously, removing videos that might endanger children.

While violence and inappropriate content were also removed (7.5%), these were the top reasons millions of videos disappeared from YouTube. For a platform of this scale, YouTube must take measures to take care of its platform.

What Should Video Creators Do Next?

Many creators on YouTube have faced challenges losing channels, video takedowns, and limited reach due to platform rules. These issues can be disheartening, leading creators to explore new options. 

What if your channel was removed due to automation,
and you are unable to retrieve it back?

But, YouTube alternative platforms offer a solution.

Online video platforms that also double up as YouTube alternatives can provide creators with more control over their content and potentially avoid the limitations they might face on YouTube. This can include,

  1. complete ownership of their channels, 
  2. flexibility in monetization options, 
  3. and potentially more relaxed content guidelines.

By exploring YouTube alternatives, video can diversify their income streams, reach new audiences, and ultimately build a more sustainable career.

Beyond the ones listed above, there are more such reasons why video creators are constantly in search of platforms that propel their creator growth.

Tips For Choosing YouTube Alternative Platform

Are you thinking of exploring new frontiers beyond YouTube? It could be a smart move! Beyond barriers where content is valued more than algorithms and a space where success speaks as long as your videos are genuine and acceptable by law.

Well, there are many reasons creators might venture out, and here are some key features to consider when choosing your next platform:

  1. Complete Channel Ownership: You have full control over your content, essential for long-term success. Start now – It just takes a minute!
  1. World-Class Video Hosting & Storage: You need a platform that offers reliable storage and smooth video playback.
  1. Advanced Video CMS: Look for a platform with user-friendly tools to organize and edit your content efficiently.
  1. Reach the World: Does the platform offer ways to connect with viewers from around the globe? Make your video go viral and gain a global audience reach.
  1. Advanced Analytics: Understanding your viewers’ preferences is crucial. Does the platform offer detailed analytics to help you tailor your content?
  1. Multiple Video Monetization: Having options for generating revenue is essential. Look for a platform offering various ways to monetize your videos, like subscriptions, ads, pay-per-view, channel donations, and more.
  2. In-Built Video Marketing Tools: Does the platform provide tools to help you promote your videos and reach a wider audience? Check out the top video marketing statistics for videos.

Finding an online video platform that ticks all these boxes will empower you to build a sustainable presence and connect with your audience effectively. So, research and find the perfect platform to launch your next creative adventure.

Or, if you are looking for a platform right away – You are in the right place – GUDSHO has got all of these along with 100s of more possibilities to increase your videos’ reach!


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