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Video Analytics: What It Is & Why It’s Vital for Video Streaming Platform

Video streaming is now the preferred way to receive information for businesses conducting virtual meetups, discussions, and webinars. Streaming allows businesses to connect with their staff and clients smoothly and quickly.

Video streaming platforms also provide vast amounts of content for entertainment purposes and let content creators earn from their video content. However, to know the success rate of your endeavors in both cases, it’s essential to know how many visitors you get, how well they engage with your videos, and where things can be improved.

All the important insights are generated from video analytics that many streaming platforms provide nowadays. Some platforms are better than others, but they all give some video content analysis that businesses and content creators can extract to understand their audience better.

Today, we will discuss video analytics, its benefits, and which platforms you can rely on for excellent in-depth insights.

Possible Benefits Of Video Streaming Analytics

There are online platforms that provide you with analytics about the videos you create. These analytics let you dive deeper into demographics and receive essential elements that help you in your overall content creation strategy

Let’s see some substantial benefits of video analytics and why every creator should consider being aware of them.

#1 Clear Understanding Of Content Performance

The primary benefit of video analytics is that they eliminate the guesswork. It means that while creating new content, creators can get ideas from the existing content about which kind of content their audience enjoys more instead of getting things done by fluke.

#2 Improved Content Creation

Video analytics take you deeper into the critical extent of your video content so that you become aware of the possible issues and flaws. This enables you to fix these issues before they become a major concern and affect your channel’s growth.

#3 More Revenue Generation

Since video analytics lets you acknowledge the existing issues and improve your videos, it creates the opportunity to make more revenue. With the help of analytics, such as video player analytics, creators make decisions wisely and strategically; when the decisions are data-driven, the chances of making mistakes remain less.

#4 Smoother Video Streaming

Not just the users’ demographics, some best video analytics companies also inform you if any element is slowing down your videos. From recording a video to getting it streamed, several steps are included. Any of these steps can become the reason for slowed down speed; analytics uncover what made your videos buffer. 

#5 More Targeted Ads

Analytics also lets you set more specific ads. For example, with location analytics, you can deliver more particular ads based on the geographics of your viewers. It becomes useful when you use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to target your audience.

Important Metrics To Consider In A Video Analytics Platform

Important streaming metrics

Video analytics provide various metrics that let creators know the video performance in terms of different aspects. Good video analytics cover the following elements-

Quality of service (QoS) Metrics: Service metrics in video analytics refer to the network and delivery of the data. It informs you about Internet transmission quality, how well the data was delivered, or if packet loss happened at any stage.

Quality of experience (QoE) Metrics: Experience metrics, as the name implies, show data about the streaming experience. These metrics include details about buffering, bitrates, and any failures during streaming.

Engagement Metrics: This metric concerns the viewers and their interactions with the videos. As a result, it shows viewer count, viewing time, geographics, etc.

Curious about who’s watching your online videos? Get 360° Realtime insights.

Top 5 VOD Platforms For Advanced Video Analytics

Until now, we have discussed how video analytics can benefit content creators and why you should consider them every time. Below are the top 5 streaming platforms that provide these vital analytics. You can consider these platforms to create video content and receive important metrics.


GUDSHO provides real-time streaming analytics so you can make decisions instantly and improve your strategy. With their 360 video analytics, you know your channel’s performance, follower count, engagement quality, best-performing videos, user activities, revenue graph, and whatnot!

Besides amazingly-designed insights, the platform lets creators monetize their videos using various revenue streams.


  • Dashboards for in-depth analytics that present all key metrics
  • Revenue options such as SVOD, TVOD, Donations, and more
  • CDN-supported video streaming for ultra-smooth playback
  • Scalable platform for bandwidth, storage, and other resources
  • Auto-generated promos, geo-fencing, special screening, video gifting, and more

#2 Panopto

With Panopto, you can receive all the information about your videos in a single dashboard. With their intelligent video analytics, you receive real-time insights about your videos, viewers, servers, and other aspects.


  • Best platform for e-learning and corporate communications
  • Advanced customization options for better branding
  • In-video quizzing for better engagement and knowledge enhancement
  • Detailed insights that are instant and cover every important aspect of user engagement
  • Securely records and stores your meeting hours to access anytime

#3 Flowplayer

Flowplayer lets you have metrics of your videos and live streaming so you can uncover how well they are performing. Their real-time analytics are rapid, letting you understand the data and make important predictions as soon as the viewers stream. The quick insights allow you to make decisions in seconds and have an edge over your competitors.


  • Central analytics dashboard to provide insights into every aspect
  • Real-time data for live streams
  • HTML5 video players for the smoothest and lightest video experience
  • Monetization using client-side ad insertion for more revenue
  • Custom pricing plans to suit your needs better
  • Cloud-based encoder makes 24/7 streaming possible

#4 Conviva

Conviva is another platform that provides smart video analytics immediately once the visitor starts interacting with your content. Businesses can hence simplify a seemingly complex process of understanding data and user behavior. Get to know how your visitors are actually streaming the videos, which videos are deriving the most traffic and other powerful insights.


  • Instant insights that are accurate, precise, and comprehensive
  • In-depth data that uncovers every single aspect of your video content
  • Seamless integrations that bring automated workflows and increased productivity
  • Premium-quality streaming experience with zero glitches
  • Faster resolutions to all technical and non-technical queries 

#5 Vidizmo

Vidizmo lets you know about the preferences of your audience, which videos bring a higher engagement, what devices your viewers use, what location they stream from, and other such information.

The platform presents actionable deep video analytics with advice to improve your approach and make it work even better for you.


  • More profound insights for multiple videos at once through reports, graphs, and heat maps
  • QoE dashboard that tracks your users’ video streaming experience
  • Easy integration with other applications for better productivity
  • Analytics for live streaming, quality of experience, user engagement, activity logs, and more
  • Custom reports options by connecting with the customer support team

Wrapping Up

Video insights are one of the most crucial elements contributing to better content creation and marketing strategy. Without analytics, creators can’t determine the performance of their videos, engagement quality, retention rate, and other essential points.

When choosing a streaming platform, it comes down to picking the right one that provides enough data to comprehend users’ experience. The above mentioned are some of the best streaming platforms that provide quality video insights. We hope you select the right one and get a head start in your journey as a creator!


Srinivasan is a Digital Marketer who is passionate about video monetization based solutions and video on demand platform ideas. He believes in spreading the latest tech trends. He is an avid reader and Loves to share views on the latest technologies, tips, and tricks.


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    Real time streaming analytics is so important especially for beginners as it helps them measure how well all their videos are doing. One of the most important things to consider when launching a short film or video.

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