What is PPV OTT

What is Pay Per View or TVOD OTT?

In this technology-driven world, the shift from cable viewing to Over-the-top(OTT) is natural. An OTT platform renders the flexibility to watch videos via a range of connected devices over the Internet, something which the traditional model of cable viewing cannot offer due to technological limitations. The new generation of entertainment is leaping ahead with video on demand (VOD) OTT, and it is a recent trend in terms of professional content delivery. More precisely speaking, there is a 2X increase in OTT viewership from March 2020.

What is Pay-Per-View or TVOD?

Pay per view (PPV) is a business model that gives your viewers the ability to avail a purchase option to watch video content, whether it is live media or pre-recorded. As the name suggests for Transactional Video-on-demand (TVOD), the user makes a payment for a particular choice of video or a small combination of videos. When viewers use a pay-per-view (PPV) service – like purchasing a big boxing match from FoxSports, watching the pay per view movies, for instance – it is the TVOD / Pay Per View model. There are two categories of TVOD: the electronic sell-through(EST) and rent(DTR).

How does PPV benefit your Business?

The Pay Per View OTT offers attractive options to retain the end-users, with timely access to new content. This model is a perfect choice for video streaming and broadcasting as it offers flexibility to both the content provider and consumer. The content provider can choose from the OTT monetization option to stream. The viewers are not bound to the subscription model in TVOD as they have options to choose based on their choice. Hence this model benefits your video streaming business with higher investments compared to the AVOD (Advertisement-Video-on-demand).

Here are some benefits of pay per view to your business.

  • Better Connectivity – Better network quality ensures the video content is available and accessible at all time frames to consumers with no or minimal delay in relaying.
  • Higher Revenue Model – Gives the viewer the option to watch one piece of video content for a one-time fee, helping you to increase your revenue.
  • Fewer Distractions – No ads mean no distractions. Attracts more viewers and increases user engagement.
  • Flexibility & Easy to Launch – You can decide how much to charge for your content, give options for either one time watch or rent for a limited period.

The Rise of Pay Per View OTT

This model initially started as a Television’s premium service wherein users get to pay and watch programmes. With the expansion in technology, this model dominates via Web streaming. The OTT comprises AVOD (Ad-supported video-on-demand), SVOD( Subscription-Video-on-demand), and Transactional Video on Demand. In a nutshell, TVOD services will normally not charge anything to sign up for the service or create a user profile. Instead, users pay an amount based on the specific content they choose to watch. Viewers have additional assurance that their purchase will always be available on the cloud. In recent times, there is a significant growth of OTT streaming from 32% in 2019 to 56% to date.

Few OTT Platforms with Pay-Per-View Capabilities:

Making it EASY for subscribers to watch content means making sure your content is accessible from anywhere, on any device with VOD platforms.

A few Over-the-top platforms that come with TVOD Capabilities are as follows.



An exclusive Pay Per View OTT platform for a global audience. It helps filmmakers, distributors, production houses to release movies across the world. It also let them upload movies for free with geo-fencing and multiple-monetization features including the Pay Per View Model. The viewers on the other hand benefit with features like group watching with friends, chats, gift a ticket, and much more. GudSho supports all content types and is available across Web, smart TV, mobile phone, tablet, laptop, fireTV, etc.

Apple TV

apple tv

Some exclusive features of Apple TV +include for creators and distributors are efficient subscription, rentals and purchase plans and secure payment methods. AirPlay, a service of Apple further allows you to watch, listen, stream and share videos. The only setback is the content is streamable and available only on Apple devices, PCs, firestick and selective smart TVs.

Sky Box office

sky box office

What started as a TV subscription box for sports is now a pay per view streaming platform with Sky Go and Sky Go Extra. The Sky Go offers live streaming and allows users to catch up with shows at a later time on the phone, tablet or laptop. The Sky Go extra only allows users to download and watch a video and is also available for viewing in Xbox & PlayStation.


From professional video or film production companies to one-person companies, Per Per View streaming is a great way for anyone to release & monetize movies. In case you are beginning your film distribution now, GudSho is the best pay per view video platform, and a perfect way to release your content without any subscription package to attract many casual viewers. The popularity of over-the-top content soaring, it is likely that business models will change as technology and consumption habits will continue to evolve.


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